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Irony and Illness

Recognition and Refusal

Michael Lambek

Proponents of irony can hardly propose a definite theory or even a definitive introduction to their subject. Here we intend merely to review the impetus for our volume and the suggestions we gave our bemused contributors.

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Giorgio Osti

The article aims to add a ludic perspective to those generally used for studying environmental issues in social sciences. To introduce in the debate a play/game metaphor enriches the interpretations of environmental crisis and provides a further motivation to action. The ludic perspective has a sociorelational background. That tradition of studies helps in constructing a set of categories that are then applied to environmental education (EE). The choice of such a topic is motivated by two factors: EE is an aspect generally practiced but mistreated in the main theorizations, and EE is exemplary of the potentialities of the playing games metaphor, which are the desire to create, the acceptance of slow changes, the protection of an experimental bubble, and irony toward environmental issues.

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John Ireland and Constance Mui

context in which they are first produced, disseminated and discussed. One writes for one’s era, he maintained; that is when a piece of writing has its greatest impact. Almost forty years after his death, there is some irony in the fact that Sartre

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Keeping her Feet on the Ground

A Reader, her Texts, and the World

Teresa Strong-Wilson

youth steeped in a different kind of archive. There are some blind spots, like the Golliwog, dead center in a photo of classmates in a Christmas play. Mackey is silent on this point until, without a trace of her usual irony, she notes in the caption to a

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Ronald Stade

of Perpetrators and Spectators .” Behavioral and Brain Sciences 29 : 211 – 257 . Nordstrom , Carolyn . 1997 . A Different Kind of War Story . Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press . Rorty , Richard . 1989 . Contingency, Irony

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“I’m No Donna Reed”

Postfeminist Rhetoric in Christian At-Home Daughterhood Texts

Elizabeth Shively

Popular Culture: Bridget Jones and the new Gender Regime” (2004) advocates of at-home daughterhood evoke and then dismiss feminism with irony, as Janet Garcia does in her presentation when she claims that she is “no Donna Reed.” The second, consistent with

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Erin Newcomb

social status quo” (3). Thus the texts teach an imagined audience of young adults (a category already a social construction) how to navigate institutions like school and gender in ways that support traditional femininity. One irony, of course, is that the

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Creative Critical Shakespeares

Rob Conkie and Scott Maisano

fauna, foreshadowing, ghosts, hendiadys, insults, irony, letters & messengers, midline switches, music, noise, pacing, parody, plays-within-plays, plots, props, prose, proverbs, short lines, silence (or implied pauses), songs, time schemes, even lacunae

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Katherine Hennessey and Margaret Litvin

contemporary debates about Egyptian social norms. A striking irony emerges from this analysis and its focus on filial (im)piety: celebrated actor Yaḥyā al-Fakharānī suggested the Lear adaptation, believing that the theme of ungrateful children would resonate

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C.W.R.D. Moseley

and irony – which Chaucer gives especially to his heroines, raises the question of how the lost translation of Pseudo-Origen’s De Maria Magdalena , which Chaucer claims among his early works (Prologue to Legend of Good Women , F 427–28), might have