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Learning the Elsewhere of ‘Inner Space’

The Affective Pedagogy of Post-Secular Sufi Healing in Germany

Nasima Selim

lies between Hanover and Hamburg, a few hundred kilometers from Berlin. Since its initiation in 2002, the summer school makes available the teaching and learning of ‘Universal’ Sufism in Europe, a tradition established by the North Indian Chishti Sufi

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Elsewhere Affects and the Politics of Engagement across Religious Life-Worlds

Omar Kasmani, Nasima Selim, Hansjörg Dilger, and Dominik Mattes

learnings, inquiring not only about its material manifestations, but more broadly how Elsewhere comes to matter. In “Bridges” we attend to the political dynamics of mobilities and cross-formations involving the Elsewhere. In other words, linking religious

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Talal Asad

Talal Asad, Jonathan Boyarin, Nadia Fadil, Hussein Ali Agrama, Donovan O. Schaefer, and Ananda Abeysekara

). It was only later that I came to value it as an indispensible way of learning about and understanding what Wittgenstein called forms of life. It was after doing my BLitt at Oxford in 1961 that I signed on to teach five years at the University of

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Politicizing Elsewhere(s)

Negotiating Representations of Neo-Pentecostal Aesthetic Practice in Berlin

Dominik Mattes

increasing insistence. Despite the delays it caused, however, it was also an important learning process, which, I believe, helped me better understand what was at stake for the Deeper Life Church as an institution, as well as for its individual members. Aside

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Julián Antonio Moraga Riquelme, Leslie E. Sponsel, Katrien Pype, Diana Riboli, Ellen Lewin, Marina Pignatelli, Katherine Swancutt, Alejandra Carreño Calderón, Anastasios Panagiotopoulos, Sergio González Varela, Eugenia Roussou, Juan Javier Rivera Andía, Miho Ishii, Markus Balkenhol, and Marcelo González Gálvez

associations between their practices and certain eminently legitimate touchstones of wisdom in today's China, such as academia, science, modern professionalism, moral doctrines, and notably the “national learning” ( guoxue ¹úѧ) approach, which champions the

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The Elsewhere beyond Religious Concerns

Annalisa Butticci and Amira Mittermaier

the experience of the beyond. To study the Elsewhere, one probably does not need to go that far. Indeed, it might rather come down to an un learning, a suspension of disbelief, a bracketing of one's certitudes about ontological matters, and ultimately

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From the Throes of Anguished Mourning

Shi‘i Ritual Lamentation and the Pious Publics of Lebanon

Fouad Gehad Marei

Fischer , Michael M. J . 1980 . Iran: From Religious Dispute to Revolution . Cambridge, MA : Harvard University Press . Gade , Anna M . 2004 . Perfection Makes Practice: Learning, Emotion, and the Recited Qur'ān in Indonesia . Honolulu

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Albert I. Baumgarten

the universe; the taboos reinforce the oppositions that structure the universe and make it rationally comprehensible: animal/human, male/female, young/old, near/far. Respecting the codified distinctions is a method of learning by not doing. If the

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Weiqiang Lin

A. Birkland, “Learning and Policy Improvement after Disaster: The Case of Aviation Security,” American Behavioral Scientist 48, no. 3 (2004): 341–364; Thomas Birtchnell and Monika Büscher, “Stranded: An Eruption of Disruption,” Mobilities 6, no

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Every Campus A Refuge

A Small College’s Engagement with Refugee Resettlement

Diya Abdo and Krista Craven

-ops (e.g. Deep Roots Market), local schools (e.g. Early College at Guilford, whose students receive service learning credit for volunteering), and faith communities (e.g. Quaker meeting houses). These provide human, financial, and in-kind support