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The politics of affect

Perspectives on the rise of the far-right and right-wing populism in the West

Sindre Bangstad, Bjørn Enge Bertelsen and Heiko Henkel

This article is based on the transcript of a roundtable on the rise of the far-right and right-wing populism held at the AAA Annual Meeting in 2017. The contributors explore this rise in the context of the role of affect in politics, rising socio-economic inequalities, racism and neoliberalism, and with reference to their own ethnographic research on these phenomena in Germany, Poland, Italy, France, the UK and Hungary.

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Pegida as a European Far-Right Populist Movement

Helga Druxes and Patricia Anne Simpson

centrist parties and politics while refraining from positive political engagement. In his work on the media and the far right in Western Europe, Antonis A. Ellinas follows the historical trajectory of right-wing political parties through the postwar decades

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Politics and Power After the 2017 Bundestag Election

Eric Langenbacher

strategy of containment of the far right no longer works as it once did. Despite the establishment’s continued efforts to combat the party, the AfD is rapidly normalizing, as right-populist parties have throughout Europe in recent years. That said, Art does

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Migration and Citizenship in “Athens of Crisis”

An Interview with Vice Mayor Lefteris Papagiannakis

Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou and Nina Papachristou

over spilt milk, we have to find a solution here. It’s unacceptable that some countries will only take Christian refugees. Komporozos-Athanasiou With the rise of the far right and the strengthening of the nation state’s borders, what can a large city

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Barak Kalir

not want all sorts of roving people in the cities.” In contrast, the leader of the far-right opposition party, Geert Wilders, voiced an uncompromising critique: “The VVD is rewarding the misbehavior of illegals with extra care … illegal immigrants who

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Commoning in New York City, Barcelona, and Paris

Notes and observations from the field

Ida Susser

a critical book— Indignez - vous !— about outrage at finance capitalism that later generated the name indignados when the Spanish students occupied city squares. This was followed by six years of quiescence in Paris and the growth of the far right

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Listening with Displacement

Sound, Citizenship, and Disruptive Representations of Migration

Tom Western

( Poulimenakos and Dalakoglou 2018: 179 ). And these efforts sit in tension with practices elsewhere in the city from members of the far-right political party Golden Dawn (Χρυσή Αυγή), who use chanting and the national anthem to reterritorialize public space

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Refugia Roundtable

Imagining Refugia: Thinking Outside the Current Refugee Regime

Nicholas Van Hear, Veronique Barbelet, Christina Bennett and Helma Lutz

(Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Egypt, India, and others), but in “liberal” ones as well: witness Trump, Brexit, and the far right’s strong showing in many parts of Europe in 2016–18. So perhaps we are moving to a situation in which neoliberalism in economics

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Daniel M. Knight

, anxiety, and apathy. The economic crisis of 2008, the resurfacing of Cold War tensions on the Eastern frontier, frequent terrorist attacks, political extremism and the rise of the far right, and real and potential “Bre/Gre/Frexits” have prompted a surge in