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The Digital Age Opens Up New Terrains for Peace and Conflict Research

Josepha Ivanka Wessels

identities of adversaries can be perpetuated in cyberspace, even if these adversaries are inactive in the offline world. For example, YouTube provides a digital public space for Rhodesians to express their national identity, while Rhodesia as a nation

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Liberation Autochthony

Namibian Veteran Politics and African Citizenship Claims

Lalli Metsola

relations, citizenship often remained minimalist, “involv[ing] a birth certificate or a national identity card that does not have the power to invoke rights and obligations” ( Roitman 2007: 188 ). Through the 1980s and 1990s, the combination of economic

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Curating Conflict

Four Exhibitions on Jerusalem

Sa'ed Atshan and Katharina Galor

narratives also depend on the expected or targeted visitor communities and their positioning within the maze of religiopolitical identities. 2 Which exhibition concept projects solidarity with one or the other national or religious visitor group? What kind

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Seeking Recognition, Becoming Citizens

Achievements and Grievances among Former Combatants from Three Wars

Johanna Söderström

as how the relationship with the polity and society as a whole and their veteran peers form part of how these veterans are made as citizens. This article shows how people's experiences as former combatants are turned into a veteran identity, and

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War Veterans and the Construction of Citizenship Categories

Nikkie Wiegink, Ralph Sprenkels, and Birgitte Refslund Sørensen

multiple and contested, and often shift as political contexts evolve (Kelly and Thiranagama 2009). Moreover, the creation, consolidation, and contestation of war veterans as an identity and citizenship category are relevant for shaping political hierarchies

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Leyla Neyzi, Nida Alahmad, Nina Gren, Martha Lagace, Chelsey Ancliffe, and Susanne Bregnbæk

to see concepts as isomorphic with reality. For Adorno (and Jackson), “the concept does not exhaust the thing conceived (5). Adorno's critique of identity thinking was in part a response to Hitler's emphasis of racial types and national identities

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Amy Batley

Recurrent terror attacks in European cities since 2015 have heightened the awareness that many urban spaces may be terror targets. In response to the increased frequency of terrorism during this period, national and local governments, as well as

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The State of Emergency at Home

House Arrests, House Searches, and Intimacies in France

Flora Hergon

-carceral space. Because house searches and house arrests disrupt domesticity, they necessarily lead to a long-lasting modification of social relations and identities in- and outside the household. That is why the second empirical section deals with the period

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Sheikhs and the City

Urban Paths of Contention in Sidon, Lebanon

Are John Knudsen

the national characteristics in Lebanon ( Pall 2013 ; Rabil 2014 ; Rougier 2015 ), in particular the role of neo-Islamists such as Sheikh Ahmed Assir. In Lebanon, Salafism took hold in select rural and urban localities ( Saab and Ranstorp 2007: 829

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“Where Is the New Constitution?”

Public Protest and Community-Building in Post–Economic Collapse Iceland

Timothy Heffernan

, and North America in response to fiscal crisis, the process of rewriting Iceland's constitution was seen as a novel experiment in contemporary democracy ( Landemore 2015 ). Moreover, it was a means of redefining Icelanders’ collective identity after