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Constructing the Not-So-New Normal

Ambiguity and Familiarity in Governmental Regulations of Intimacies during the Pandemic

Dmitry Kurnosov and Anna Varfolomeeva

’, Psychology Today 13 , . McCorkel , J. ( 2003 ), ‘ Embodied Surveillance and the Gendering of Punishment ’, Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 32 , no. 1 : 41

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Narmala Halstead

the law's silence and omissions – and different from the ‘horrifying spectacle’ of public punishments before such practices were phased out by the early nineteenth century ( Foucault 1995: 7–14 ). The approaches to COVID-19 might also be considered

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The triple-sidedness of “I can't breathe”

The COVID-19 pandemic, enslavement, and agro-industrial capitalism

Don Nonini

-has-locked-up-so-many-black-people-it-has-warped-our-sense-of-reality/ . Haley , Sarah . 2016 . No mercy here: Gender, punishment, and the making of Jim Crow modernity . Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press . 10.5149/northcarolina/9781469627595.001.0001 Harvey , David . 2018 . Marx, capital and the

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Left Behind by COVID-19

Experiences of “Left-Behind” Girls in Rural China

Jue Wang

adjustment for many families, but for some girls in the rural part of China where I conducted my fieldwork, these online education changes that came with the pandemic aggravated pre-existing patterns of physical punishment of girls, which reflect gendered

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Peter Levine

prescribe punishment.” But little actual insight comes from likening a moral or social problem to a disease, or vice versa. “Traditional disease metaphors are principally a way of being vehement” ( Sontag 1977: 72, 83 ). Sontag's thesis is simple: “illness