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Nirmala Erevelles

be married off and, as a result, are perceived as representing a fate worse than death (140). Within this same religious-cultural milieu, langri (crippled) daughters are seen as a punishment from God because they are now considered unmarriageable

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Attitude or Age

Girlhood in Renaissance England

Reina Green

helplessness and innocence. Nice Wanton (c. 1550), in which two children refuse to go to school, reveals that even when boys and girls engage in the same behaviors, their punishments are gendered, with the girl Dalila becoming a prostitute and dying of

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Kaoru Miyazawa

marriage as what Eggleston et al. (1999) think of as acts of transgression that deserve punishment. This is not a surprising coincidence when we reflect on the history of colonization that involved the travel of Christianity and its values concerning

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I’m Not Loud, I’m Outspoken

Narratives of Four Jamaican Girls’ Identity and Academic Success

Rowena Linton and Lorna McLean

punishment are exercised against black female bodies ( Wane 2013 ; Cooper 2002 ). Canadian black feminism allows us to investigate the academic success of these girls and share their stories that epitomise how oppositional knowledge is formed at the margins

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Hope Chest

Demythologizing Girlhood in Kate Bernheimer’s Trilogy

Catriona McAra

are competitive in their sexual research, particularly through their games of “The Punish,” that overlaps in all three novels. In Merry we read, Down the basement stairs crept Merry, while her sister sat underneath them, waiting for punishment. Today

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From Selfies to Sexting

Tween Girls, Intimacy, and Subjectivities

Antonio García-Gómez

highlighted the variety of, and sometimes contradictory, punishments imposed on young girls for sending nude photos of themselves ( Lunceford 2011 ). In spite of this growing body of research, there remains much uncertainty about the interrelationships between

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“Loving and Cruel, All at the Same Time”

Girlhood Identity in The Craft

Emily Chandler

punishment” ( Simmons 2002: 22 ). This makes The Craft a compelling portrayal of the sway the tyranny of niceness holds over girls’ lives. The tyranny of niceness is the pervasive idea, as Brown and Gilligan (1992) argue, that in order to be considered

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Left Behind by COVID-19

Experiences of “Left-Behind” Girls in Rural China

Jue Wang

adjustment for many families, but for some girls in the rural part of China where I conducted my fieldwork, these online education changes that came with the pandemic aggravated pre-existing patterns of physical punishment of girls, which reflect gendered

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Roxanne Harde

action meant to challenge rape culture and the impact that this action has had on them. In “Sexual Abuse of Girls in Post-Revolutionary Mexico: Between Legitimation and Punishment,” Susana Sosenski draws from archived legal records and newspapers to

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Perfect Love in a Better World

Same-Sex Attraction between Girls

Wendy L. Rouse

. Identifying inversion as a condition existing prior to birth suggested that inverts did not have a choice over their behavior. Krafft-Ebing eventually concluded that homosexuality should not be viewed as criminal behavior requiring punishment but as a disease