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Everyday Diplomacy

Introduction to Special Issue

Magnus Marsden, Diana Ibañez-Tirado, and David Henig

cross-border conflicts ( Bruce 2008 ; Cull 2008 ). According to Bruce (2008) , public diplomacy developed from the politically charged term ‘propaganda’, and based its strategies on public opinion research, cultural anthropology, social psychology and

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Heidi Hakkarainen

According to Manfred Landfester, only periodicals with a special interest in educational matters were discussing humanism in the early nineteenth century, and only after the middle of the century did the press begin to play a major role in shaping public

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Rachel Rosen and Sarah Crafter

significant implications this has for public opinion as well as migrants themselves, Erik Bleich, Irene Bloemraad, and Els de Graauw (2015) point to the unrealized potential of media analysis. They indicate the productivity of comparative media analysis, a

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Philo of Stockholm

The Unrequited Love of Rabbi Marcus Ehrenpreis

Göran Rosenberg

government, Ehrenpreis went out on a wide-ranging and high-level diplomatic mission to bring the issue of minority rights to the attention of European political and religious leaders: ‘My first task was to bring to the full attention of public opinion in

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Ian S. Lustick

presents, Yamit’s sincere and hardworking inhabitants came as dreamers and were washed away by the “tsunami of official policy and public opinion” (97), “much like pounding waves upon sandcastles along the seashore” (59). Hirschhorn shows how, although they

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The Limits of Liberal Democracy

Prospects for Democratizing Democracy

Viviana Asara

equality at its bosom, and on the other hand it is a technique of governing resting on the employment of popular consent to restrain claims for equality and justice and on the manipulation of public opinion through management of mass communication

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David Art

now the largest opposition party in parliament and is running ahead of the spd in some public opinion polls in early 2018? And if the AfD consolidates its recent gains in state parliaments and reproduces its 2017 performance in the next federal

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What Makes a Panther a Panther?

Genetics, Human Perceptions, and the Complexity of Species Categorization

Catherine Macdonald and Julia Wester

. 1995 . “ Public Opinion and Environmental Policy .” In Environmental Politics and Policy: Theories and Evidence , ed. James P. Lester , 63 – 114 . Durham, NC : Duke University Press . Hill , Kevin D. 1993 . “ The Endangered Species Act: What

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Automobility and Oil Vulnerability

Unfairness as Critical to Energy Transitions

Ana Horta

Power. Framing News, Public Opinion, and US Foreign Policy . Chicago : University of Chicago Press . Eurostat . 2019a . “ Passenger Cars in the EU .” April . = Passenger

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Pablo Facundo Escalante

France into a civil war. 30 The Assembly’s failure to act led, thus, to the August insurrection. Despite everything, the revolutionaries sought not to overthrow the monarchy but rather to carry out themselves the mandate of public opinion, which their