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David Art

now the largest opposition party in parliament and is running ahead of the spd in some public opinion polls in early 2018? And if the AfD consolidates its recent gains in state parliaments and reproduces its 2017 performance in the next federal

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The Limits of Liberal Democracy

Prospects for Democratizing Democracy

Viviana Asara

equality at its bosom, and on the other hand it is a technique of governing resting on the employment of popular consent to restrain claims for equality and justice and on the manipulation of public opinion through management of mass communication

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Sovereignty versus Influence

European Unity and the Conceptualization of Sovereignty in British Parliamentary Debates, 1945–2016

Teemu Häkkinen and Miina Kaarkoski

for a referendum was evidently politically motivated, since British public opinion was strongly against the new treaty. 52 Similar demands emerged in other member states, and the ratification process of the whole constitutional treaty, as well as

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Pablo Facundo Escalante

France into a civil war. 30 The Assembly’s failure to act led, thus, to the August insurrection. Despite everything, the revolutionaries sought not to overthrow the monarchy but rather to carry out themselves the mandate of public opinion, which their

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The Missing Policing

The Absent Concept of Policing and Its Substitutes in Israeli Military Doctrine

Ofra Ben-Ishai

-Dor , Gabriel , and Daphna Canetti . 2009 . The Social Aspect of National Security: Israeli Public Opinion after the Gaza War . [In Hebrew.] Haifa : National Security Studies Center . Ben-Eliezer , Uri . 2012 . Israel's New Wars: A Historical

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Theo Jung, Cristian Roiban, Gregor Feindt, Alexandra Medzibrodszky, Henna-Riikka Pennanen, and Anna Björk

replaced with various English equivalents depending on the context. Yasuhiro Matsui, editor of the book, mentions on the very first page several solutions: “public, public sphere, public opinion, social organizations, educated society, middle class and

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The Concept of Sentimental Boyhood

The Emotional Education of Boys in Mexico during the Early Porfiriato, 1876–1884

Carlos Zúñiga Nieto

causing emotional distress to parents. Honor had to be protected and defended at all times. Boys, as well as adults, were capable of tarnishing honor. Maintaining a good reputation in public opinion was a constant task, and hearsay and malicious speech

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Shifra Mescheloff

’s victory in the Six-Day War planted in Rabbi Goren’s heart the hope that the building of the Holy Temple was imminent. When he realized that public opinion and the political leadership were not ready for this, he tried at least to obtain permission for Jews

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April Mandrona

blogs of the young women could “also be seen as performative and public spaces: that is space to extend, differentiate, and negotiate social norms and cultural values; voice issues of common concern; and contribute to forming public opinion” (2011: 350

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Leif Lewin

-Making . Geneva : UN Research Institute for Social Development . Lewin , Leif . 2012 . 2119: The Year Global Democracy Will Be Realized . Amherst, NY : Cambria Press . Lippmann , Walter . 1922 . Public Opinion . New York : Harcourt, Brace and Company