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Theo Jung, Cristian Roiban, Gregor Feindt, Alexandra Medzibrodszky, Henna-Riikka Pennanen, and Anna Björk

replaced with various English equivalents depending on the context. Yasuhiro Matsui, editor of the book, mentions on the very first page several solutions: “public, public sphere, public opinion, social organizations, educated society, middle class and

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The Missing Policing

The Absent Concept of Policing and Its Substitutes in Israeli Military Doctrine

Ofra Ben-Ishai

. 2009 . The Social Aspect of National Security: Israeli Public Opinion after the Gaza War . [In Hebrew.] Haifa : National Security Studies Center . Ben-Eliezer , Uri . 2012 . Israel's New Wars: A Historical-Sociological Explanation . [In Hebrew

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Sovereignty versus Influence

European Unity and the Conceptualization of Sovereignty in British Parliamentary Debates, 1945–2016

Teemu Häkkinen and Miina Kaarkoski

for a referendum was evidently politically motivated, since British public opinion was strongly against the new treaty. 52 Similar demands emerged in other member states, and the ratification process of the whole constitutional treaty, as well as

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Barriers and borders

Human mobility and building inclusive societies

Anthony Turton

they really are, public opinion can change rapidly, and this is a driver of the transition from a stable to an unstable state when the security forces have been hollowed out and weakened through vitriolic attacks launched on social media. 9. The

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The Concept of Sentimental Boyhood

The Emotional Education of Boys in Mexico during the Early Porfiriato, 1876–1884

Carlos Zúñiga Nieto

causing emotional distress to parents. Honor had to be protected and defended at all times. Boys, as well as adults, were capable of tarnishing honor. Maintaining a good reputation in public opinion was a constant task, and hearsay and malicious speech

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A Clash of Civilizations?

Pegida and the Rise of Cultural Nationalism

David N. Coury

not just those affiliated with Pegida. The ard ’s premier television news program, Tagesschau, regularly surveys public opinion as part of ard -Deutschland Trend. 15 This survey is a broader representation of political views and not just limited to

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“Montag ist wieder Pegida-Tag!”

Pegida’s Community Building and Discursive Strategies

Helga Druxes

basic functions: they should inform the people, help shape public opinion via critique and comments, and enable participation. The media are often called the fourth power. Putting them on the same level as the three classic state powers is problematic

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Sanaz Nasirpour

public opinion about women’s bodies ( Novak and Khazraee 2014: 1095 ). Acknowledging the success of this digital protest by women, in The Stealthy Protester: Risk and the Female Body in Online Social Movements , Novak and Khazraee (2014) note the risk

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‘… But Is It Literature?’

Graphic Adaptation in Germany in the Context of High and Popular Culture

Juliane Blank

content and violence in comic books. Although his argument was more complex than simply linking juvenile delinquency directly to the reading of comic books, such was the idea that came to dominate public opinion. 9 The campaign against comic books led to

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Vincent Pons

home in the discipline. 9 For a review of this literature, see Donald P. Green, Mary C. McGrath, and Peter M. Aronow, “Field Experiments and the Study of Voter Turnout,” Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties 23, 1 (2013): 27–48. 10 https