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Penny Welch and Susan Wright

group did not have an embedded librarian or information literacy training. While both groups of students reported increased confidence in their ability to find information about public opinion polls, campaign donations and candidates’ backgrounds in U

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Paula Booke and Todd J. Wiebe

providing them with the skills needed to think and act strategically to achieve their political goals. To this end, fostering student confidence in finding information on public opinion, candidate backgrounds, campaign finance and predicting elections is a

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Sarah Wiliarty and Louise K. Davidson-Schmich

, prior to the emergence of the Covid-19 global pandemic. The world looks very different now and Germany is no exception. German citizens have viewed Merkel's handling of the crisis very positively. The “Sonntagsfrage”—a public opinion question asking “Who

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Luke B. Wood

(Bundesverfassungsgericht, FCC) or the constraining role of public opinion on federal government policy maneuverability. Looking closer to the Constitutional Court’s rulings on both the Lisbon Treaty and the Greek bailout package, however, we find little evidence for the

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Cues for Integration

Foreign Policy Beliefs and German Parliamentarians’ Support for European Integration

A. Burcu Bayram

preferences is to a large extent a problem of data availability. 49 There is very limited information on how actual decision-makers, particularly national representatives, view the desirability of an ever-closer Union. Some studies rely on public opinion

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Edited by Bryan Loughrey and Graham Holderness

. Its role was essential in changing public opinion and in particular persuading Parliament in 1967 to legislate to decriminalize (though initially only partially) homosexual relationships. The journal of that society was published from the front room of

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The Editors

the complexities of ‘public opinion’ when the ‘public’ was a highly diverse one. Thierry Groensteen also considers the question of individual responses to a comic in a return to the concept of tressage or ‘braiding’ that he elaborated in his major

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An Unpublished Manuscript by Durkheim

‘On the General Physics of Law and Morality, 4th Year of the Course, 1st Lecture, December 2, 1899, Course Outline: On Penal Sanctions’

Émile Durkheim, edited and translated by François Pizarro Noël, and Ronjon Paul Datta

public opinion; 7 and restitutive sanctions, those that do not involve punishment but simply consist of restoring the relationship troubled by the immoral criminal act. The ideal type of the first variety is penalty, the ideal type of the second are

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Politics and Power After the 2017 Bundestag Election

Eric Langenbacher

without a new government, German politics has sunk back into a kind of late-Merkel era normality. Public opinion polls continue to show that the cdu / csu is slightly above its election outcome, the spd is still down in the 17–18 percent range, the

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Babette Babich

that the power of backwash remains. Arendt herself, alluding to the work of Edward Bernays, reflects on the “creation” of public opinion: In the modern world we know that the manipulation of public opinion is largely effected by means of the methods of