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Japan’s internal cohesion and external conflict with neighbors

Robert W. Compton Jr.

, public opinion as noted by Hirata and Warschauer (2014, p. 213) shows little support for increased immigration. They quote a 2012 Asahi Shimbun (Asahi Newspaper) opinion survey that said only 26% favored and 65% opposed immigration as a mechanism for

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Gideon Kouts

…. 14 The polemics and the tumult, however, did not cease. ‘Our audience was slightly insulted by this performance’, Jacob Fichman wrote, 15 ‘and did not understand why it had come. [The play] triggered a great written and oral polemic, leaving public

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Deproblematizing The Merchant of Venice

Text, and Pretexts for Changing Subtext

Roger Wooster

antisemitic riots inspired by the Lopez treason plot of 1594. Fiedler posits that Shakespeare was encouraged by public opinion to create Shylock in Merchant ‘against … his own deepest instincts’. 8 He argues that the play embodies ‘stereotypes and myths

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Akulina Mestnikova

Translator : Jenanne K. Ferguson

adopted. All of these legislative, ethno-educational, linguistic, and cultural activities had a strong influence on the shift of public opinion in favor of supporting the native languages of indigenous peoples. Societal activity to restore the public

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Lauri Rapeli and Inga Saikkonen

democracies have not been tested by pandemics or similar events in the contemporary media landscape, where public opinion can be manipulated through effective spreading of disinformation. Indeed, many observers have characterized the COVID-19 crisis as also

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Catherine Plum, Klaus Berghahn, Gregory Smulewicz-Zucker, David Freis, and Matthew Eckel

institutions. Their invocation can seem ad hoc at times. For example, the discussion in Chapter 4 of how Canada’s single member plurality electoral system insulated the elite pro-liberalization consensus of the 1970s from hostile public opinion has no parallel

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Roberto Farneti

Trends in American Public Opinion .” American Journal of Sociology 114 ( 2 ): 408 – 446 . Bishop , Bill . 2009 . The Big Sort: Why the Clustering of Like-Minded America Is Tearing Us Apart . Boston : Mariner Books . Booth , Alan . 1985

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Ferenc Bódi, Jenő Zsolt Farkas, and Péter Róbert

difficulties and tensions during the past five years. Compared to Hungary, the difference might be that the standard of living is slightly higher. However, the development is similarly low, which could be reflected in public opinion and in the lack of social

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(Not) Becoming the Norm

Military Service by Religious Israeli Women as a Process of Social Legitimation

Elisheva Rosman-Stollman

( Aviner 2004 ; Barzilai 2006 ). In short, although serving is not desirable for religious young women, it is not being painted as ‘bad’ ( Cherlow 2014 ). Second, and perhaps more interestingly, public opinion regarding religious female soldiers has also

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Belonging in a New Myanmar

Identity, Law, and Gender in the Anthropology of Contemporary Buddhism

Juliane Schober

users of digital media in order to create social networks, shape public opinion, and mobilize supporters ( Brooten and Verbruggen 2017 ). Well-known examples of how new communications technologies have amplified Buddhist public discourse in Myanmar