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Gargi Gangopadhyay

architect who specialized in designing churches. 24 Such elaborate constructions (other examples included the Hindu College and Duff’s Institution, which sported Gothic pillars and Western façades) stood in absolute contrast to the village pathshala s: for

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Heather Fitzsimmons Frey

Newcastle along with the diaries she kept throughout her life. My approach attempts to sidestep that power differential through an intentional willingness to—as Patti Lather puts it—“get lost” (2008: 219). She argues in favor of letting “absolute knowledge

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Jerrold Levinson

, almost machinelike way in which the visitor pursues her strange mission that impresses on us the absolute alienness of her perspective, despite the all-too-human Johansson body in which it is situated—a body that we learn at the film’s tragic conclusion

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Haifaa Majadly and Aharon Geva-Kleinberger

spoken in multiple dialects also raise the question as to whether and how the grammar of the classical language should be taught. 1 Teaching classical Arabic grammar can be problematic, as Arabic grammar is sometimes presented as absolute and fixed

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Denis Vuka

, communicates information pertaining to the mobilization of the national community in the late nineteenth century. Shown from the perspective of the leader, the absolute protagonist, it symbolizes the unanimous will of the people to form a united front against

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Contemporary Girls Studies

Reflections on the Inaugural International Girls Studies Association Conference

Victoria Cann, Sarah Godfrey, and Helen Warner

absolute conviction that the lives, experiences, histories, stories, and voices of girls must be more fully included in our scholarship. Rozena Maart offered a powerful reminder of the white supremacy that punctuates all academic interrogation into girls

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Andreas Baranowski and Heiko Hecht

mental process, rather than absolute reality of space or time. He believed that the primary data for mental activity was sensory information (something he had already discussed in earlier works as “action theory”). This was in concordance with Eisenstein

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Torben Grodal

mentioned, display psychopathic playful behaviors, Hans is always very serious and therefore the absolute opposite of John, who often acts in a playful fashion. Whereas John’s playfulness is mostly aimed at regulating his own emotions, the other villains

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Teaching National Identity and Alterity

Nineteenth Century American Primary School Geography Textbooks

Bahar Gürsel

by earthquakes in the region, which they present as a manifestation of nature’s superiority over humans. 51 In brief, South America, in absolute contrast to “developed and civilized” North America, is depicted as an untamed territory whose

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“Presentism” Versus “Path Dependence”?

Reflections on the Second World War in Russian Textbooks of the 1990s

Serguey Ehrlich

Soviet soldiers died, the absolute majority of whom were sons of Russia,” 13 another textbook anachronistically names the Soviet Union as “Russia” 14 (a common enough mistake in Western textbooks, but highly inappropriate in Russian textbooks