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Comparison in the Anthropological Study of Plural Religious Environments

Birgit Meyer

public opinion about, for instance, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ religion. I very much welcome the initiative to establish comparability between the respective groups studied by Beekers and by Kasmani and Mattes. This makes it possible to spotlight similarities that

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Refugee studies in Austria today

From challenges to a research horizon

Leonardo Schiocchet, Sabine Bauer-Amin, Maria Six-Hohenbalken, and Andre Gingrich

transformed public opinion. Hence, at the beginning of 2016, Austria limited the number of refugee arrivals by drastically restricting the number of admitted asylum applications (80 per day). The new center-right Vienna government's chancellor, Sebastian Kurz

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Tatiana Bulgakova

force of public opinion formed outside the communities by mass media advertisement. One of the main innovations was people’s eagerness to shamanize, considerably exceeding the spirits’ demands. In the traditional society social pressure on a neophyte

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Akulina Mestnikova

Translator : Jenanne K. Ferguson

adopted. All of these legislative, ethno-educational, linguistic, and cultural activities had a strong influence on the shift of public opinion in favor of supporting the native languages of indigenous peoples. Societal activity to restore the public

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Svetlana Huusko

ability to dictate one's picture of events, tell a story that fits the existing ideology and the stereotypical models, and enact power through the manipulation of public opinion. Here, I focus on the role of discourse in the reproduction of power. I look

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Everyday Diplomacy

Introduction to Special Issue

Magnus Marsden, Diana Ibañez-Tirado, and David Henig

cross-border conflicts ( Bruce 2008 ; Cull 2008 ). According to Bruce (2008) , public diplomacy developed from the politically charged term ‘propaganda’, and based its strategies on public opinion research, cultural anthropology, social psychology and

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Not Soft Power, But Speaking Softly

‘Everyday Diplomacy’ in Field Relations during the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Jeremy Morris

. When thinking about the so-called ‘shaping’ of public opinion by media, as much as our own claim to maintaining diplomatic neutrality in field relations, perhaps Orwell’s famous line on nationalist propaganda is worth repeating: ‘One has to belong to

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What Is Analysis?

Between Theory, Ethnography, and Method

Martin Holbraad, Sarah Green, Alberto Corsín Jiménez, Veena Das, Nurit Bird-David, Eduardo Kohn, Ghassan Hage, Laura Bear, Hannah Knox, and Bruce Kapferer

. This has required that analysis itself be extended to include not only the analysis of atmospheric systems but also the analysis of media ecologies, public opinion, and the psychology of human reactions to threat, danger, and opportunity. Finally, when

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Into and Out of Citizenship, through Personal Tax Payments

Romanian Migrants’ Leveraging of British Self-Employment

Dora-Olivia Vicol

Deportability in Everyday Life .” Annual Review of Anthropology 31 : 419 – 447 . European Commission . 2007 . “ Eurobarometer 67: Public Opinion in the European Union .”

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Stephan Feuchtwang

, is found repeatedly in the rhetorical invocation and measurement of public opinion and in the historical myths and wars that sort the world into ‘us’ and ‘others’. Its self-realization is this ideology’s future-oriented temporality, accounting for the