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Manuel Stoffers, Blake Morris, Alan Meyer, Younes Saramifar, Andrew Cobbing, Martin Emanuel, Rudi Volti, Caitlin Starr Cohn, Caitríona Leahy, and Sunny Stalter-Pace

digital technologies, offers a specific perspective through which to approach the field, and her wide-ranging examples and personal walking experiences create accessible entry points for readers new to this kind of work. For the uninitiated it serves as a

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Conservation-Induced Resettlement

The Case of the Baka of Southeast Cameroon—A Variation on the Habitual Mobility–Immobility Nexus

Harrison Esam Awuh

of mobility and technology, this case off ers exemplary material on the role of forced immobilization in the transfer of knowledge and practices between societies and environments. The Dja Reserve was established as a wildlife reserve officially in

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The “Mangle” of Human Practice

Museu do Amanhã’s Artistic Staging as a Socioscientific Narrative on Climate Change

Rodanthi Tzanelli

laboratories. This “mangle” or perspectival platform on which science, technology, and society interact provides a “real-time understanding of [scientific] practice.” 6 In other words, the museum’s scientific simulation “for dummies” through the “tick of birth

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Gijs Mom and Georgine Clarsen

Weber, as editors of this journal and guest editors of a Special Section on Media and Mobility, made a plea to study “the intense correlations between media and transport technologies,” which had been fatefully split at the end of the nineteenth century

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Peter Merriman, Georgine Clarsen, and Gijs Mom

“Travel Writing and Knowledge Transfer” put together by guest editors Florian Krobb and Dorit Müller. In an age of digital technologies and hi-tech mobile media it is easy to forget that “travel writing” and “texts that travel” served as some of the

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Kudzai Matereke

follow the logic of homogenization through whitewashing cultural and historical difference uncritically focus on technology transfer and how it has shaped mobility in Africa. This tangent, despite its importance, has skewed mobility discourses by

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Embodied Vibrations

Disastrous Mobilities in Relocation from the Christchurch Earthquakes, Aotearoa New Zealand

Gail Adams-Hutcheson

written into and onto historic buildings, to evoking a feeling of destruction, gaps, dead space, and silence, and then a “rising from the ashes” noisy amalgam of construction vehicles, workers, and technologies. Focusing on disaster underscores the

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Raili Nugin

agricultural work and apply modern technology and innovation to the construction of rurality. Even though smartphones appeared in several films (5, 8, 11, 12, 14, 23, 24), none of the films depicted the items as means of innovative rural life or as being

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Historical Fragments’ Mobile Echo

Encountering the Current Refugee Crisis with Ai Weiwei

Susan E. Bell and Kathy Davis

in such profusion, this part of the exhibit conveys simultaneously a story of the tea trade and a cultural practice of tea drinking, as well as a history of family and cultural traditions destroyed by the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Technologies of

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Ocean, Motion, Emotion

Mobilities and Mobilizations in the Pacific

Matt Matsuda

Pacific across centuries has been trade—the movement of goods from sago and fish, to silk and spices, to sugar and copra, to petroleum and high technology. Not all of the trade was commodities, however; sometimes it involved bodies and lives resettled in