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Belonging in a New Myanmar

Identity, Law, and Gender in the Anthropology of Contemporary Buddhism

Juliane Schober

enabled different realities—in time, space, and identity—to become constant features of social life, thus largely foreclosing the possibility of living in an exclusively emic imaginary. They mediate often disjointed, fragmented, and episodic narratives

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The White Cotton Robe

Charisma and Clothes in Tibetan Buddhism Today

Magdalena Maria Turek

taught at Lachi are enacted in secluded, private spaces. Another vivid illustration of this pattern are the regular oral instructions of virtually every disciple living at the hermitage in the form of a dialogue about experiences in meditation, whose form

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Alena Minchenia

aimed, as he often repeated, “to enlarge the space of freedom” (field notes, fall 2015). Regular protest actions were in clear contrast with the period after 2010 when activities of political activists and groups were mostly suppressed. 2 However, as

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Peter Hervik

powerful; a member of the government, entitlement, and the media give her credibility, popularity, and lots of media space to perform the moral outrage. Moral Outrage and Figured Worlds A second nudge concerns the early research strain that sees motivation

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Ann Grodzins Gold

Ann Grodzins Gold, Bhrigupati Singh, Farhana Ibrahim, Edward Simpson, and Kirin Narayan

predisposition. As I explained to the students in my “Writing Religion and Culture” seminar in the fall of 2015, I am capable during fieldwork of an inner resonance in ritual contexts and spaces when among devotees ( Wikan 2012 ). If I revert to 1960s jargon, I

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The Meanings of the Move?

From “Predicaments of Mobility” to “Potentialities in Displacement”

Stephen C. Lubkemann

potentialities as they are to coping with new predicaments. 2 As I have termed it, this “predicaments of mobility approach” tends to preempt analytical space in ways that preclude a priori questions about whether meanings and outcomes other than “loss” might be

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Corinna Mullin and Ian Patel

“rational” transitional behavior. Often concerned with returning the debate to invariably political questions of past repression, inequality and justice, noninstitutional actors often bring their demands to the street by occupying public space and engaging

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A Protracted Peacebuilding Process

Emile Badarin

operations, derived from the supposedly rational security representations, frame the epistemology of peacebuilding. Methodologically, I consider discourse as a space for the signification and construction of meaningful acts. Although no single definition

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Doing Ritual While Thinking about It?

Emma Gobin

readings of this text. NOTES 1 While space does not allow for an exhaustive overview, synthetic surveys can be found in Babcock (1987) , Højbjerg (2002b) , Nijhawan (2006) , Rozenberg (2011) , and Stausberg (2006) . 2 This focus on critical reflexivity

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Erick White

studies of spirit possession in Theravada Buddhist South and Southeast Asia have utilized, extended, and reworked this literature is a necessary and worthwhile project that deserves a thoroughgoing treatment, but space limitations prohibit pursuing that