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Explicating Ecoculture

Tracing a Transdisciplinary Focal Concept

Melissa M. Parks

race, class, sex, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and other social constructions that often serve to marginalize and erase. Ecocultural scholarship often aims to critically dismantle anthropocentrism and the nature-culture divide for the sake of

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Constanza Parra and Frank Moulaert

-public storage space. In addition to this, the race for control over water and minerals in this desert is exerting a variety of pressures. The sour cherry on top of this seething metabolic cake was the sale by the community of Soncor of its ground-water rights to

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Civil Society and Urban Agriculture in Europe

Mary P. Corcoran and Joëlle Salomon Cavin

broader race and class-based disparities that exist in the wider social system ( Reynolds 2015 ). Finally, the contribution of Attila Tóth, Barbora Duží, Jan Vávra, Ján Supuka, Mária Bihuňová, Denisa Halajová, Stanislav Martinát, and Eva Nováková extends

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Humans “in the Loop”?

Human-Centrism, Posthumanism, and AI

Nandita Biswas Mellamphy

model of control, “the multiple, complex cultural identity of the master [is] formed in the context of class, race, species and gender domination”; the problem, however, is that “the assumptions in the master model are not seen as such, because this

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Franziska von Verschuer

). The latter concept draws on feminist, postcolonial, and critical race theories about the ordinariness of violence and crises, challenging “the geo-historical promise and hope that the everyday or ordinary can be separated from emergency

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More than Darkness Preservation

The Importance of the Dark, Star-Filled Skies in Urban Areas

Yee-Man Lam

human race, do to mitigate the damage that we have inflicted on the planet? Some suggest that we need to overcome alienation and reconnect with nature in a feminist, non-androcentric way (for instance, see Plumwood 2002 ; Warren 2000 ). Others

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Eric J. Cunningham

Japanese culture thus exposes itself by denial of social difference—race, ethnicity, class. (26) For Otaki, water is a thread with which the small mountain village has been, and continues to be, sutured every more securely to the national body known as

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J. Cristobal Pizarro and Brendon M. H. Larson

Bank - WWF . 10.1596/0-8213-3295-3 Elder , Glen , Jennifer Wolch , and Jody Emel . 1998 . “ Le Practique Sauvage: Race, Place, and the Human-Animal Divide .” In Animal Geographies: Place, Politics and Identity in the Nature-Culture Borderlands

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Kate Pride Brown

Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) Demographics. MSA Population % non-white % Latino (any race) Median per capita income Poverty rate MSA ranking in GDP Atlanta 5.7 million 45% 10% $25,288 12% 10th Phoenix 4.6 million 27% 30% $21,907 17% 15th San Antonio 2

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Karen Hébert, Joshua Mullenite, Alka Sabharwal, David Kneas, Irena Leisbet Ceridwen Connon, Peter van Dommelen, Cameron Hu, Brittney Hammons, and Natasha Zaretsky

rich private investors while indigenous groups try to claim their stake on Tulare Lake. Meanwhile, postcolonial South Africa and India see neocolonial courses of action controlling their water resources through class- and race-based diversions of water