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Iver B. Neumann

a statist one. Crucially, statists may be found either toward the Right or the Left—that is simply a tactical question of which political and economic models are preferred in order to reach the strategic goal of a strong state. In 1991, the new

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J. D. Y. Peel

Marloes Janson, Wale Adebanwi, David Pratten, Ruth Marshall, Stephan Palmié, Amanda Villepastour, and J. D. Y. Peel

Edited by Richard Fardon and Ramon Sarró

, constructed account of the past. It was “history turned into nature” ( Bourdieu 1977: 78 ). Sahlins’s model suggested to John that change was confronted with an unproblematic cultural endowment and elided a crucial area of reflexivity ( Peel 1993: 172 ). He

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So What Is the Anthropology of Buddhism About?

David N. Gellner

model for the whole of a complex society, since societies must necessarily be concerned with their own reproduction, whether political, economic, or familial? Brac de la Perrière’s article shows how alternative paths can and do still exist within

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Emergent Police States

Racialized Pacification and Police Moralism from Rio's Favelas to Bolsonaro

Tomas Salem and Bjørn Enge Bertelsen

track.” However, while some politicians and reform-oriented police leaders might have aspired for a new, more democratic model of policing, their vision was not shared throughout the institution, where a pervasive masculinist culture and a conception of

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Between Labor Migration and Forced Displacement

Wartime Mobilities in the Burkina Faso–Côte d’Ivoire Transnational Space

Jesper Bjarnesen

). What is more relevant than the formal juridical misappropriations in this context is the fact that the state’s ambivalent perception of the rapatriés —as admirable and cosmopolitan role models, yet in need of undifferentiated financial public support

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Bülent Diken

sociality, that is, a dispositif , a technique that imposes a particular conduct, modeling truth and normality by defining power relations. Consequently, abstract money turns into a source of systemic violence that pushes everything into the icy waters of

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The White Cotton Robe

Charisma and Clothes in Tibetan Buddhism Today

Magdalena Maria Turek

has received some attention in recent years, as studies of the materiality of religion have become a prominent trend within social anthropology. This article demonstrates that beyond Tambiah’s model of the ‘sedimentation’ of charisma in holy objects as

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Creative Intelligence and the Cold War

US Military Investments in the Concept of Creativity, 1945–1965

Bregje F. Van Eekelen

Stanley Kubrick’s model for Dr. Strangelove), tasked with thinking through what would happen in the case of a nuclear war. In a study of the worlds conjured at the RAND Corporation, Sharon Ghamari-Tabrizi describes the perplexing conundrum that planning

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Analyzing Resistance to Transitional Justice

What Can We Learn from Hybridity?

Briony Jones

ongoing and integral part of what can be described and observed as hybridity on the ground. Roger MacGinty in his model of hybridity wishes to “capture the dynamism associated with peace, conflict, and the interaction between local and international actors

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Sam Jackson, Áron Bakos, Birgitte Refslund Sørensen, and Matti Weisdorf

project is that it leaves no place for differentiation, and thus misses the very essence of anthropology—its ability to delineate cultural diversity. The model is also rather deterministic, as liminality becomes a base while culture in general becomes a