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Tuğçe Kayaal

-Muslim masculine subjects in alliance with the constructed norms of heterosexual sex under proper supervision in their orphanages. By offering a discursive analysis of the investigation and testimonies of Hüsnü and his friends, I argue that the extraordinary

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The Democracy of Everyday Life in Disaster

Holding Our Lives in Their Hands

Nancy L. Rosenblum

one another. That is, the good neighbor is not the good citizen writ small. The principal norm among neighbors is reciprocity. Reciprocity is loose and open-ended. It applies to good turns and bad, to giving and receiving recognition (“how are you

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“Such a Poor Finish”

Illegitimacy, Murder, and War Veterans in England, 1918-1923

Ginger S. Frost

kill Evelyn, however, meant that he probably never saw his daughters again. 29 The handling of the divorce was a strong indication of the sympathies of the HO as well as the changing societal norms about marriage, adultery, and illegitimacy in the 1920s

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Timo Pankakoski and Antto Vihma

fragmentation. 16 Another related strand is the legal scholarship on “regime interaction,” which focuses on disparate sets of norms, decisionmaking procedures and organizations that have been developed to address functional issue-areas, and seek to understand

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Nadia Urbinati

the idea that coercive legal norms are only legitimate to the extent that those who are subjected to them have contributed—in direct and indirect ways—to making them, while all other political regimes are predicated on a principle of “authority,” which

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The Making of a Fundamental Value

A History of the Concept of Separation of Church and State in the Netherlands

Mart Rutjes

explicitly framed as a core value of Dutch culture and politics and a norm for others. Separation of Church and State as a Fundamental Value of Dutch Society In 1982, the young sociologist Paul Schnabel noted, in his dissertation on the growing influence of

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Leif Lewin

themselves in real political life. In my interpretation corporatism provided an opportunity within nation-states for citizens to, paradoxically, comply with two incompatible doctrines: both the equality norm of parliamentary democracy and the extra

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Ecaterina Lung

’s behavioral norms, and women were left to accept and even interiorize them. 10 This misogynist attitude was inherited from antiquity and reinforced by the church fathers, starting from the notion of the intrinsic bad and sinful nature of women, as descendants

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Jean Terrier

the “fact and norm” for everyone from John Rawls to Jürgen Habermas. 3 In contrast, other interpretations, such as the one proposed by Henrik Enroth, suggest that even pluralists are advocates of plurality in appearance only, because of their eventual

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Gender, Leadership and Representative Democracy

The Differential Impacts of the Global Pandemic

Kim Rubenstein, Trish Bergin, and Pia Rowe

, but they can effectively inhibit women's participation by relying on norms reflecting male life patterns as benchmarks of eligibility or success.” The issue of representation becomes even more significant in a crisis context. We must ask how we can