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Franziska von Verschuer

( NordGen 2020 ). According to the Crop Trust, one of the partners behind the Seed Vault, “[it] is the ultimate insurance policy for the world's food supply, offering options for future generations to overcome the challenges of climate change and population

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Linda D’Amico

million dollars in a libel suit. Periódico Intag promoted participatory democracy by advocating water and food security and economic justice through concentric circles of involvement. I, like scores of others from the U.S., Europe and Japan, subscribed to

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“Where Do You Get Fish?”

Practices of Individual Supplies in Yamal as an Indicator of Social Processes

Elena Liarskaya

involved in planning, buying, and transporting food and goods in the families with whom I lived. This article is based both on the data gathered within this project and my earlier field materials. In the course of my fieldwork, I found out that the

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“I am a dead woman”

Embodying and resisting dependency among women living with HIV in Papua New Guinea

Holly Wardlow

, or transgressive sex), which has, in turn, led to a moral panic about excessive dependence (that is, the dependence of people living with HIV on medicines, health care systems, food supplementation, state financial assistance, etc.). In this article

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John Gillespie and Katherine Morris

we continue to find food for our own thinking and writing in the whole span of his philosophical works, from his books on the imagination to his reflections on Marxism, as this issue of Sartre Studies International exemplifies. And in a year in

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Organic Vehicles and Passengers

The Tsetse Fly as Transient Analytical Workspace

Clapperton Chakanetsa Mavhunga

which African livestock and forest animals had no natural immunity. They died en masse . 5 The extermination of forest animals denied the tsetse fly its most versatile means of transport and food source. Only those animals in the remote borderlands

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Cultivating Civic Ecology

A Photovoice Study with Urban Gardeners in Lisbon, Portugal

Krista Harper and Ana Isabel Afonso

frames for efforts to promote urban gardening: ecological sustainability, economic rights, healthy food and social cohesion ( FAO 2010 ). Urban gardens are an important arena for civic ecology, defined as ‘local environmental stewardship actions taken to

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A Theory of ‘Animal Borders’

Thoughts and Practices toward Non-human Animals among the G|ui Hunter-Gatherers

Kazuyoshi Sugawara

food. Her eldest son, CR, asked a G||ana man to hold a curing ritual. The doctor cut with a razor the skin on the right side of her belly, above the liver. He put his mouth on the wound, sucked out the blood, and vomited it on the sand. He repeated this

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Cacher, festive et végétarienne

La nouvelle cuisine des fêtes juives

Sophie Nizard

restaurants proposant des menus végans. D'ailleurs, le falafel, street food typiquement israélien 25 fait de pain pita fourré de crudités et de boulettes de pois-chiche frites recouverts d'une sauce tahini, est végan par essence. Des échoppes en proposent

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Frank Battaglia

, before the Iron Age and the Bronze Age, in the Neolithic Period when horticulture and the raising of food animals became bases of subsistence. 6 Matriliny in Europe from the Neolithic The earliest crop-raising cultures of northern Europe had been