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Buffeted by Political Winds

Children’s Literature in Communist Romania

Adrian Solomon

“controller” stories about uncivilized enemies who want to rule the world and one’s country: “The true friend when / he sits at your table doesn’t / stretch out his legs by / your plate of food / like the Yankee / does as a sign / of scorn and defiance” (58

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Monstrous Masses

The Human Body as Raw Material

John Marmysz

physical state of affairs are explored. The creation crawls across the floor like a gigantic insect. With the connection of the victims’ various gastrointestinal tracts, food eaten by the first person in the chain passes as feces into the mouth of the

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The Mystery of the Missing Men

How Do Young Men Experience “Belong-ing” in Higher Education?

Vicki Trowler, Robert Allan, and Rukhsana Din

family back home, which meant he sometimes went without food, and had to rely on others for access to study materials he could not afford. He was the only man in his family to continue to further studies; finding work was a priority for the others. Sipho

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Tiffany Pollock

. At the studio, Nah insisted that dancers practice intensively to showcase themselves as artists rather than beach boys. During a typical day, people arrived and would sit on the couches, share food with each other, chat, and play on their phones

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Negotiating Girl-led Advocacy

Addressing Early and Forced Marriage in South Africa

Sadiyya Haffejee, Astrid Treffry-Goatley, Lisa Wiebesiek, and Nkonzo Mkhize

without having to defer to us (see Mayfield-Johnson and Butler 2017 ). Research Context: Loskop and the SIFs Loskop is a vast, sparsely populated rural area in South Africa, where poverty, unemployment, HIV, food insecurity, the lack of

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Perfect Love in a Better World

Same-Sex Attraction between Girls

Wendy L. Rouse

management, food, clothing, furnishing, and the family. Even traditionally academic subjects such as science, economics, and literature were focused on practical implications for the housewife. The mission of the school was to groom young women for their

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Falling Apart Together

On Viewing Ali Atassi’s Our Terrible Country from Beirut

Ira Allen

Syrian fast-food restaurant in Istanbul—Yassin remonstrates with a compatriot over what he thinks is the inflated price of his falafel, then is berated by the owner, who takes away Yassin’s plate and castigates him as ungrateful and undeserving

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The iAnimal Film Series

Activating Empathy Through Virtual Reality

Holly Cecil

on the abuse suffered by animals raised and killed for food. The practices that take place inside factory farms and slaughterhouses are kept hidden from the public. Animal Equality defends people's right to know what happens in modern farms and

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Girls, Homelessness, and COVID-19

The Urgent Need for Research and Action

Kaitlin Schwan, Erin Dej, and Alicia Versteegh

because of COVID-19, including retail, food, and hospitality ( Macdonald 2020 ). Statistics Canada (2020a) data shows that women and girls have experienced steeper job losses than men during the pandemic, and that men have rebounded twice as quickly as

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Social Isolation and Disrupted Privacy

Impacts of COVID-19 on Adolescent Girls in Humanitarian Contexts

Sarah Baird, Sarah Alheiwidi, Rebecca Dutton, Khadija Mitu, Erin Oakley, Tassew Woldehanna, and Nicola Jones

infection control a monumental task in these settings as Bob Kitchen (2020) notes. In some areas, disruptions to routine services and food supplies because of the global preoccupation with COVID-19 and limitations to supply chains put additional strains