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Abhishek Choudhary, Rhys Machold, Ricardo Cardoso, Andreas Hackl, Martha Lagace, and Carly Machado

interventions for food, health, and land security will be, in Sierra Leone and elsewhere, remain to be seen and are a subject for future work” (266). Questions are thus woven through the text and reverberate after reading: Did—or how did—the war expedite

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Guarding the Body

Private Security Work in Rio de Janeiro

Erika Robb Larkins

food in the standard 30-minute window allotted for lunch. Instructors advised the benefits of a coffee-flavored candy or the Brazilian equivalent of a “five-hour energy drink” followed up by a crisp mint piece of gum to not only maintain hygiene on the

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The Chaco Skies

A Socio-cultural History of Power Relations

Alejandro Martín López and Agustina Altman

used to require a number of food or space restrictions imposed by the powerful beings. But the requirement of not establishing covenants with other entities is something different. This matter is thus the object of continuous discussion among

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Adopting a Resistance Lens

An Exploration of Power and Legitimacy in Transitional Justice

Julie Bernath and Sandra Rubli

distribution of power and resources as the causes of the conflict. Thus, they would prefer a political solution, such as establishing an independent Tharu state or ensuring food security and access to land, to the legal preoccupations of transitional justice

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Co-constituting Bodyguarding Practice through Embodied Reflexivity

Methodological Reflections from the Field

Paul Higate

in the United States, I trained, ate, and socialized with the student cohort throughout the entire course, while also sharing hotel accommodation with this group of 11 men. During breaks, we would consume food and drink in the classroom, at other

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Mirjam de Bruijn

about politics, with some of its members, such as Fils-de-Maina, acting as information brokers, almost citizen journalists. Others participate by reflecting on the situation and providing people with food for thought. The reactions to the different posts

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Between Labor Migration and Forced Displacement

Wartime Mobilities in the Burkina Faso–Côte d’Ivoire Transnational Space

Jesper Bjarnesen

serious. Jesper Bjarnesen: Mmmm, while here, it’s … Ibrahim: My younger brother, every time he wakes me up, they are arguing about food! Really, it made me … She even … She doesn’t eat. His mother’s hardships had humbled him. He had come, as most students

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“Eyes, Ears, and Wheels”

Policing Partnerships in Nairobi, Kenya

Francesco Colona and Tessa Diphoorn

offered food and other entertainment to off-duty officers. James, the driver, pulled the handbrake, and Tom, who was sitting in the back, opened the rear door of the van, stepped outside, and leaned on the seat. He lit a Sportsman cigarette and looked

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Amanda J. Reinke

structural violence within schools in both field sites used for the ethnographic research presented in this article. Other demographic considerations such as socioeconomic status, geographic location, and food security reveal similar patterns of structural

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Assessing and Adapting Rituals That Reproduce a Collectivity

The Large-Scale Rituals of the Repkong Tantrists in Tibet

Nicolas Sihlé

July), in the temple of the host village. Several days of work have been necessary to prepare the temple and gather the food and other resources. A whole crew of ritual managers, cooks, and waiters has been designated among the villagers, in