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Naïve scientists and conflict analysis

Learning through case studies

R. William Ayres

sources of ideas and inspiration for reforming it. That is followed by a description of the revised course and the presentation of some data comparing the old and new versions of the class. I will then end with some concluding thoughts about what lessons

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Steven Roberts and Karla Elliott

, 2005 ), paying attention primarily to boys and men marginalized on the basis of their working-class position. While this call to greater reflexivity will necessarily produce discomfort, it is a longstanding and important issue with which the field of

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Nicolas Mariot

have written books about the astonishing “mobilization of intellect” in war propaganda. 2 On the other hand, we know very little about the behaviour of the members of the educated upper classes who were sent into the trenches, and sometimes died there

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Cinthia Torres Toledo and Marília Pinto de Carvalho

about the schooling of Black working-class boys within the Brazilian context, a subject still sparsely seen in our national literature. After contextualizing the debate about masculinities and education in Brazil, we introduce a partial analysis from

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Kaoru Miyazawa

Mille 1992 ). In neoliberal society, the bodies of young working-class minority women especially have been the significant sites of governance; states have various intervention programs to redeem them into being productive and reproductive citizens

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Brent E. Sasley

that can facilitate isolation in the ‘real world’. Another pattern, based on type of knowledge, is evident. In English-speaking countries, at least, most students who enroll in courses on Israel come to the class with little or no knowledge of the

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Rural Failures

Representations of (Im)mobile Young Masculinities and Place in the Swedish Countryside

Susanna Areschoug

other hierarchies of power, such as class and ethnicity ( Nelson et al. 2015 ). Despite this, moralizing discourse continue to cast (some) young boys as social problems ( Ward 2015 ). Departing from critical perspectives on youth, scholars have begun

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Field Notes and Reading Notes

Studying with Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett in the 1990s

Nélia Dias

“Attend and document at least one Halloween event during the next two weeks. Take field notes on the event. You may also use video, audio, and photographic techniques.” 1 That was one of the requirements of Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett's class

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European Bodies

Who Embodies europe? Explorations into the Construction of european Bodies

Anika Keinz and Paweł Lewicki

hierarchies that conflate essentialised national representations with lifestyles, class, gender performances and race ( Lewicki 2016 ; Ryan 2010 ). These phenomena show that there is a ‘spectre of Orientalism’ ( Buchowski 2006 ; see also Melegh 2006 ) and

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Francesco Maria Scanni and Francesco Compolongo

production) and civil society (in which the hegemonic class maintains power through their control of symbolic and private apparatuses such as parties, unions and other organisations responsible for the creation and/or diffusion of ideologies) ( Caruso 2012