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Taxes for Independence

Rejecting a Fiscal Model of Reciprocity in Peri-urban Bolivia

Miranda Sheild Johansson

independence from the state as opposed to interdependence with it. Paying income tax and VAT, on the other hand, did not confer instant rights, offering instead only the promise of inclusion in a future, national collective. This was a collective world that

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Imagined individuality

Cultivating separated personhood in Cuba and beyond

Ståle Wig

interdependent relations) with the Western “individual” (an indivisible self, solid, constituted by personal independence). While Strathern's and Dumont's theoretical contributions differ and have faced criticism on different grounds ( LiPuma 1998 ; Shweder and

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Battlegrounds of dependence

Reconfiguring labor, kinship and relational obligation

Keir Martin, Ståle Wig, and Sylvia Yanagisako

infrastructure upon which we all “depend,” with warm appreciation. Debates about dependence always entail debates about control and obligation. To speak of one's dependence on healthcare workers is to recognize the limits of one's agency, one's independence, and

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Neutrality in foreign aid

Shifting contexts, shifting meanings—examples from South Sudan

Elżbieta Drążkiewicz

Neutrality and independence, along with humanity and impartiality, constitute core humanitarian principles. The humanitarian variant of neutrality, the one we know from Red Cross manifestos, was developed in the specific context of 1864 and was

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Singularity and Uncertainty

Counter-Ethics of Gender and Sexuality in an Indian Dream Analysis

Sarah Pinto

, likely published in 1946, during the brief period between World War II and Independence, and initially self-published. Though a psychoanalytic study, Mrs A.’s case was not therapeutic; she suffered no affliction and sought no cure. Rather, this educated

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Uneasy Entanglements

Solar Energy Development in Zanzibar

Erin Dean

Zanzibar until Britain declared a formal protectorate in 1890. Britain left the Sultanate as an administrative unit, and the Sultan of Oman was the ostensible ruler of the archipelago until Zanzibari independence in 1963. However, Britain maintained

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Gender, Curiosity, and the Grand Tour

Late-Eighteenth-Century British Travel Writing

Anna P.H. Geurts

; Turner 2001 ). Female travelers in their own right thus often had a greater independence, at the same time as carrying greater responsibilities, than the typical grand tourist of their day. In sum, gender must be considered in relation to age, social

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“We Owe a Historical Debt to No One”

The Reappropriation of Photographic Images from a Museum Collection

Helen Mears

-fire agreement between the Burmese government and the Kachin Independence Organization (the largest political organization representing Kachin interests) broke down, precipitating a period of devastating conflict and the displacement of some 100,000 people in the

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Travel, Authority, and Framing the Subject

Elizabeth Justice’s A Voyage to Russia and Amelia

Matthew W. Binney

environment. This coherent consciousness underscores her independence, her peculiar knowledge, and the “subjective,” “hidden dimensions” that organize the “objective” phenomena of her original travel account. Incongruities between First Edition and

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Maria Goloubeva

The need to find an epistemological framework for analyzing the discourses of identity in the Baltic States since the regaining of their independence makes it necessary to examine a cross-section of Baltic perceptions of the ‘West’ evinced during travels from the 1790s to the present.