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William A. Quinn

miseria condicionis humanae , its concluding celebration of financial winning (II, 127) posits a completely contradictory moralitas . The Mercers of London might buy into this anticipation of ‘prosperity theology’ at face value. The questions remain

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‘Off Path, Counter Path’

Contemporary Walking Collaborations in Landscape, Art and Poetry

Harriet Tarlo and Judith Tucker

physical experience as they are records of others’ (or our own) past experiences. For the map lover, maps are about visualising the places you’ve never been and recalling the ones you’ve been to. A map can be memory or anticipation in graphic code. 79 Much

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Pilgrimage into Words and Images

the Miracles of Santa Maria delle Carceri in Renaissance Prato

Robert Maniura

On 6 July 1484 an eight-year-old boy called Jacopino was chasing a cricket in the derelict area of Prato near the old castle when he saw the figure of the Virgin Mary, painted above a barred window of the ruined town prison (Figure. 1), ‘detach itself’ from the wall. The Virgin, who had been holding her son in her arms, placed him on the ground and, leaving him wriggling at the foot of the window, descended into the prison vaults. She proceeded to clean the place, ‘scrubbing three times with her hand’, before collecting her son and resuming her place on the wall. The boy hurried home to tell his mother what he had seen, but she would have none of it. She scolded him for his truancy and sent him back to school. Instead of returning to school, however, the boy returned to gaze at the image ‘as if in ecstasy’. His rapt attention drew others to the site and the image was seen to undergo further miraculous transformations: the figure of the Virgin cried, opened and closed its eyes and sweated blood. The questioning of the boy by the vicar of the bishop of Pistoia, in whose diocese Prato lay, served to draw even more notice and crowds began to gather in anticipation of further wonders.

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In Memoriam

John Urry, 1946–2016

Bob Jessop

as the gaze, performativity, difference, risk, and complexity; anticipations of concepts like the dispositif, embodiment, or haptics; concerns with actor-networks, automobilities, and peak oil; interests in digital photography; or the (dis

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Revisiting Existential Marxism

A Reply to Alfred Betschart

Ronald Aronson

policy in Hungary and Czechoslovakia. By 1968, Sartre had lost hope in the Communist world, in Marxism's grand anticipation of socialism's coming-into-existence. As he was entering into his own decline, certainly by 1975, the Marxism which he had sought

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Matthew C. Eshleman

Unlike the anticipation leading up to and the drama that resulted from the publication of Constance Borde and Sheila Malovany-Chevallier's significantly improved and excellent 2009 translation of Simone de Beauvoir's Le Deuxième Sexe , Sarah

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The Continent Behind

Alienation and the American Scene in George William Curtis’s Lotus-Eating: A Summer Book

James Weaver

travelers’ expectations for the falls. On slowly approaching Niagara through New York, the traveler becomes “quite unimpressed by the anticipation of his bourne, whose image has lost much of its grandeur in his mind by the household familiarity of the name

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Too Much of Nothing

Analytic and Sartrean Phenomenological Perspectives

John Graham Wilson

the shape of her torso, I “conjure up” what it might be as a set of partially vacuous imminences. And these absences—their nothingness—are, in themselves, exciting as a flight involved in my current négatité —anticipation. My anticipation therefore

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Erve Chambers, Lauren Miller Griffith, Angus Mitchell, and Frances Julia Riemer

borderzone. He advocates for an anticipation of greater fluidity between tourism “performances” and “real life.” In a self-described “auto-ethnography,” Sally Van Ness brings the reader well into her physical presence on a hike that goes along Yosemite Falls

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From Perception to Action

Sartre's Practical Phenomenology

Blake D. Scott

the role of intuition in light of the For-itself's anticipatory comportment, Sartre writes the following: We see nothing that we have not first of all foreseen . But, precisely, this foresight and this anticipation cannot themselves be pure