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Franziska Quabeck

comparison of the two in terms of some metric’. ‘The third’, he points out, ‘requires a calculation comparing the first and the second, balancing or weighing them against each other, determining where the greater evil lies’. 25 It is the ‘metric’ aspect that

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William A. Quinn

state of suspension – neither compelling nor negligible. In a highly artificial calculation of the ‘artificial day’ (II, 2), Herry Bailley determines it is 10:00 a.m. on 18 April. Here, Herry is actually reading shadows (II, 7, 10) even though the

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Ophelia Is Not Dead at 47

An Interview with Nabyl Lahlou

Khalid Amine and Nabyl Lahlou

Translator : Katherine Hennessey

of an audience that’s just out to have fun? Or do you have a different aim? Lahlou: The need to feel free, liberated from all constraints – whatever they may be, whether born of calculation or compromise or selling out – creates theatre texts that are

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William Nessly, Noel B. Salazar, Kemal Kantarci, Evan Koike, Christian Kahl, and Cyril Isnart

still an important consideration in travel writing. Furthermore, if explorers were investigating a phenomenon at sea, several instruments and equipment were required to be taken along with them and used to take measurements and calculations for

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What Am I StIll Doing Here?

Travel, Travel Writing, and Old Age

Robin Jarvis

the older travel writer. The mental and emotional economy has to find a new balance, and calculations of likely gain need to pass a higher threshold. Hence the renewed emphasis on novelty and difference: recording changes or “contemplating the

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Dennis Klein

This article looks at the significance of local circumstances, including direct encounters between victims and assailants, in the genocide process. In what scholars term “the micropolitical turn in the study of social violence,“ the argument here considers the encounter from the perspectives of both constituent parties. Assailants often acted before they thought, raising questions about the premise of intention and calculation that anchors the defining Article 2 in the United Nations Genocide Convention. Victims in local encounters express in their accounts a recognition of their assailants and describe what amounts to a betrayal of the trust they invested in their compatriots. Expressions of recognition in witness accounts attenuate victims' resentment and recrimination, opening a space that permitted possibilities for postgenocide reconciliation and even qualified forgiveness.

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Vittorio Bufacchi

plagues Regan's MH principle. Whether inflicting an inferior degree of harm is sufficient or not should not be established by the perpetrator of the harm, nor by improbable mathematical calculations, but by those being harmed. Going back to the example of

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’Tis but a Habit in an Unconsolidated Democracy

Habitual Voting, Political Alienation and Spectatorship

Anthony Lawrence A. Borja

. habit is produced, not through mere repetition but out of the alignment of an initial calculation and eventual behaviour with a consistent context – an alignment that will ease future calculations and facilitate the repetition of a behaviour. I note that

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Stanley Chojnacki

father’s brothers, his two married sisters and their husbands, and his mother- and father-in-law. By my calculation, that assemblage represented six agnate lineages and five marriage connections. 20 At the very least, Leonardo Priuli consciously planted

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Teppo Eskelinen

money for, say, seeds, assumes a financial risk for the duration of waiting repayment from the next crop. Further, an insurance company can sell the farmer (or the money lender) an insurance for a price determined on the basis of this calculation. In