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Virtually a Historian

Blogs and the Recent History of Dispossessed Academic Labor

Claire Bond Potter

A contemporary history of higher education in the United States is being written on the Internet. Academic bloggers interrupt and circumvent the influence of professional associations over debates about unemployment, contingent labor, publishing, tenure review, and other aspects of creating and maintaining a scholarly career. On the Internet, limited status and prestige, as well as one's invisibility as a colleague, are no barrier to acquiring an audience within the profession or creating a contemporary archive of academic labor struggles. At a moment of financial and political crisis for universities, these virtual historians have increasingly turned their critical faculties to scrutinizing, critiquing, and documenting the neoliberal university. Although blogging has not displaced established sources of intellectual prestige, virtual historians are engaged in the project of constructing their own scholarly identities and expanding what counts as intellectual and political labor for scholars excluded from the world of full-time employment.

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Sarah Richmond

internet resources to bolster my critical distance; more rarely, I would email fellow translators or philosophers for help. But I have had very little of the attentive, fine-grained dialogue offered here, and I have immensely enjoyed, and benefited from

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Adrian van den Hoven

always been open to publishing these kinds of checklists. Given the time lapse and the rise of the Internet, Sarah Richmond has had access to many more of the French and German sources used by Sartre, both in the original language and in English

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Matthew Zarnowiecki

Internet, and particularly by hypertextuality, for reconceiving not only the book of Shakespeare’s sonnets, but also the ways we read, interpret, and respond to them. After searching through the available online editions, I was mostly disappointed by what I

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Exit, pursued by a fan

Shakespeare, Fandom, and the Lure of the Alternate Universe

Kavita Mudan Finn and Jessica McCall

had already appeared on the Internet as a piece of Twilight fanfiction entitled ‘Master of the Universe’ – some have argued that this juxtaposition is the very point of fandom. Transformative fiction (also known as fanfiction, fanfic , or, most

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‘No More Let Life Divide…’

Victorian Metropolitan Confluence in Penny Dreadful

Sinan Akilli and Seda Öz

–25 September 2015. 2 The categories for which Penny Dreadful was awarded/nominated in these and other events are listed on the Internet Movie Database web page ‘ Penny Dreadful – Awards’ at: . 3 The show

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Gerry Mackie

Cass Sunstein details intrinsic flaws in group discussion, even in ideal deliberation, and draws attention to prediction markets and information-aggregation devices on the internet as supplements to discussion. I respond that the supposed flaws do not affect ideal deliberation, and that the evaluation of group discussion is too pessimistic: there are alternative hypotheses to account for his findings, and there are doubts about their external validity. Also, I contend that his evaluation of prediction markets and internet devices is too optimistic. The markets have failed miserably, and the internet is vulnerable to astroturfing by the powerful and wealthy.

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“I Was Not Willing to Risk my Hajj”

Information Coping Strategies of Hajj Pilgrims

Nadia Caidi

information seems (in their eyes) to outweigh the benefits of doing so: I am cautious about internet sites. The credibility of the sources is not always clear. I wasn't willing to risk my own Hajj because someone posted something wrong. (P4) I would say

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John Eade

joined in and were keen to take selfies with their friends and collect photos of ceremonies, statues, and key sites to send to their family and friends through the Internet and to remind them about their visit on their return home. It appeared to me that

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Islam, Travel, and Learning

A Case Study on Indonesian Muslim Student Diasporas in Saudi Arabia

Sumanto Al Qurtuby

, Indonesia.” The latter study examined a formula (GMPEs) to predict the danger of earthquakes in Java. After finishing his BS, he looked for scholarship information on the internet, hoping to continue his study at master's level. His academic and research