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The state, race, and immigrant adaptation

A comparative analysis of the Korean diaspora in Japan and the United States

Kazuko Suzuki

English abstract: What accounts for varying forms of adaptation of immigrants to host countries? Despite their common ethnic origin, Korean immigrants demonstrate very different adaptation patterns in Japan and the United States. By elucidating the importance of different national peculiarities in racial ideology, this article argues that Korean immigrants are racialized differently given different circumstances and structural conditions in these two countries. Employing a cross-national comparison focusing on a single ethnic group, this study shows that cultural and racial similarities between immigrants and the mainstream of the host society do not guarantee smooth assimilation. This article concludes that in the long run, differences in modes of incorporation are more relevant to immigrant adaptation than visible racial or cultural differences between the immigrants and the mainstream of the host society.

Spanish abstract: ¿Cómo se explican las diversas formas de adaptación de inmigrantes en los países receptores? A pesar de su origen étnico común, los inmigrantes coreanos han mostrado patrones de adaptación muy diferentes en Japón y los Estados Unidos. Al mostrar la importancia de las diferentes peculiaridades nacionales en la ideología racial, este artículo argumenta que los inmigrantes coreanos son racializados diferencialmente de acuerdo a las distintas circunstancias y las condiciones estructurales en estos dos países. A través de una comparación transnacional centrada en un solo grupo étnico, este estudio muestra que las similitudes raciales y culturales entre los inmigrantes y la mayoría de la sociedad de acogida, no garantizan una fácil asimilación. En este artículo se concluye que, en el largo plazo, las diferencias en los modos de incorporación son más relevantes para la adaptación de los inmigrantes que las visibles diferencias raciales / culturales entre los inmigrantes y la generalidad de la sociedad receptora.

French abstract: Comment expliquer les formes variables de l'adaptation des immigrants dans le pays hôte ? En dépit de leur origine ethnique commune, les immigrants coréens ont montré des modes d'adaptation très différents au Japon et aux Etats-Unis. En montrant l'importance de certaines particularités nationales pour l'idéologie raciale, cet article soutient que ces immigrants coréens sont racialement différenciés en fonction des situations et des conditions structurelles différentes dans ces deux pays. Par le biais d'une comparaison transnationale portant sur un seul groupe ethnique, ce e étude montre que les similarités culturelles et raciales entre les immigrants et la société-hôte traditionnelle ne sont pas les garantes d'une assimilation aisée. Cet article conclut que, sur le long-terme, les modes d'incorporation sont plus importants pour l'adaptation des immigrants que les différences raciales/culturelles visibles entre les immigrants et la société traditionnelle de l'Etat-hôte.

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“I’ll Do Business with Anyone”

Arab Teachers in Jewish Schools as a Disruptive Innovation

Rakefet Ron Erlich, Shahar Gindi, and Michal Hisherik

group in a community that is largely comprised of a different social group ( Paul-Binyamin and Potchter 2020 ). In the United States, research on boundary-crossing teachers has focused on issues of race. For example, when the race of students and

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Menachem Klein

than that of conventional accounts … that is, between those whom we now commonly regard as simply ‘Zionists’ and ‘Arabs.’” Gribetz analyzes the roles of religion and race as modern categories in shaping public intellectuals’ perceptions on both sides

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The Determination of Educational Policy

Shas, Politics, and Religion

Anat Feldman

. Buchanan . 2011 . “ Legal and Policy Issues Regarding Niche Charter Schools: Race, Religion, Culture, and the Law .” Journal of School Choice 5 ( 1 ): 85 – 110 . 10.1080/15582159.2011.548252 Eisenstadt , Shmuel N . 1993 . “The Development of the

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Israel’s Innovative Young Adults Lists

Robust Participation in Institutional Municipal Politics

Zvi Hadar, Fany Yuval, and Rebecca Kook

. “ The Spatial Diffusion of Party Entrepreneurs in Swedish Local Politics .” Political Geography 27 ( 8 ): 857 – 874 . 10.1016/j.polgeo.2008.11.003 Frymer , Paul . 2005 . “ Race, Parties, and

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The Return to the Monument

The Looming Absence of the Temple

Hava Schwartz

’s control over the Holy Basin has come up against the lack of international legitimacy for the annexation of East Jerusalem; Palestinian claims for sovereignty in the Jerusalem space confront the Israeli race to acquire territorial and demographic power vis

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One Hand Giveth, the Other Taketh Away

A Feminist Perspective on Polity, Religion, and Gender in the Pre-state Period

Hanna Herzog

-Zvi . Goitein , Shlomo Dov (Fritz) , and Aharon Ben Shemesh . 1975 . Islamic Law in Israel . [In Hebrew .] Jerusalem : Hebrew University . Halamish , Aviva . 2006 . A Dual Race against Time: Zionist Immigration Policy in the 1930s . [In Hebrew

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Rebranding Desolation

The Allure of Israel’s Desert Landscapes

Amelia Rosenberg Weinreb

Societies: Articulations of Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Class , ed. Daiva Stasiulis and Nira Yuval-Davis , 291 – 232 . Thousand Oaks, CA : Sage . 10.4135/9781446222225.n11 Almog , Oz . 2000 . The Sabra: The Creation of the New Jew . Berkeley

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Uzi Meshulam and the ‘Mishkan Ohalim’ Affair

The Influence of Radical Ultra-Orthodoxy

Motti Inbari

important than a ben-Torah . This is Gentile thinking. This is the thinking of the Russian tsar” (ibid.). To sum up, in his audiocassettes, Meshulam made a clear distinction between a Jew of pure race and the mixed multitude, the descendants of the

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Two Patterns of Modernization

An Analysis of the Ethnic Issue in Israel

Shlomo Fischer

Contemporary Jewry Year Book 4 : 123 – 136 . Waters , Mary C . 1996 . “ Optional Ethnicities: For Whites Only? ” Pp. 444 – 454 in Origins and Destinies: Immigration, Race and Ethnicity in America , ed. Sylvia Pedraza and Rubén G. Rumbaut