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Amy Cox Hall, Sergio González Varela, Jessica S.R. Robinson, Peter Weisensel, and David Wills

struggled with. The great strength of these essays is that they also reflect on how these experiences may have impacted their research. They offer insight and advice without being a “how-to” guide. Given that recurring themes in the essays include advice

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Jackie Clarke, Melanie Kay Smith, Margret Jäger, Anne O’Connor, and Robert Shepherd

nationalism is “the adaption of national signifiers to generate profit” (8). White provides several examples from Australia, including perhaps the most well-known international symbol of Australia, Qantas Airline’s kangaroo logo. The strength of this

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Brian Yothers, Gillian Dooley, Guy Galazka, Peter Weisensel, Jackie Coon, Magdalena Banaszkiewicz, and David Cashman

decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict over Jerusalem lingers on unresolved, with both parties seemingly more interested in successive futile trials of strength and short-term media coverage victories. Chapter 5 considers new approaches for tourism

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Matthew Binney

assumes their manners and adopts their customs, then he understands their unique commodities, or “Manufactures” (81). Once he understands these commodities, then he comprehends their distinctive commercial strengths. Once he understands their strengths, he

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“Space without People”

Austro-German Filmmaker, Bestselling Author, and Journalist Colin Ross Discovers Australia

Siegfried Mattl

redundant motifs, among which the fully loaded car, whose endurance and strength decides the fate of the Ross family, is given the key position. The voiceover has to carry the episode. The narrated passages become longer and take the form of an interior

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Walking to Write

Following Patrick Leigh Fermor across Europe

David Wills

was only surface deep; its strength was still actively feared, and its beauty, in these swirling mists, still inspired a savage sensation of awe” (102). A town fool in Hungary, with his nonsensical antics and threadbare costume, could have originated

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Jamie McMenamin, Lauri Hyers, Jeroen Nawijn, and Aviva Sinervo

analysis would have made this book’s introductory and closing chapters more valuable. In conclusion, the strength of this book is its individual chapters. Instead of simply including up to date literature reviews, these chapters present original work and

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Donald H. Holly Jr.

theater during World War II. Farley Mowat (1952: 9, 13 ), tormented by battlefield memories too, goes looking in the Canadian Arctic for a place where the “echoes of war had never been heard” and for a people who used their strength to survive, not fight

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Mediating the Rural Ideal

The Australian Town in Twentieth-Century Travel

Louise Prowse

was “like champagne, pure and exhilarating. In the winter just that touch of sharp hour frost as to give a healthy tang, and a feeling of strength and exhilaration” ( Young, New South Wales 1922). Tourist guides offered up the country town as a

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George Johnston’s Tibetan Interlude

Myth and Reality in Shangri-La

Paul Genoni and Tanya Dalziell

. The book’s focus, as described in the preface, is on the coming rise of Asia as a locus of global economic and geopolitical strength. Johnston’s thesis is that at a time when the West remains distracted by rebuilding Europe amid the turmoil of the Cold