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Transit Migration in Niger

Stemming the Flows of Migrants, but at What Cost?

Sébastien Moretti

circumvent the controls, but have also jeopardized the economy and the stability of a region that has become heavily dependent on the phenomenon of “transit migration.” In turn, this situation has created tension between authorities at the national level, who

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Reconceptualizing Transit States in an Era of Outsourcing, Offshoring, and Obfuscation

Antje Missbach and Melissa Phillips

terms (e.g., destination country, receiving country, and country of origin) that we rely on here and retrace some of the scholarship that has evolved around transit migration over the last decades. While the process of transiting through several

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Managing a Multiplicity of Interests

The Case of Irregular Migration from Libya

Melissa Phillips

-856X.2010.00435.x Boubakri , Hassen. 2004 . “ Transit Migration Between Tunisia, Libya and Sub-Saharan Africa: Study Based on Greater Tunis .” Paper presented at the Council of Europe Regional Conference on “Migrants in Transit Countries: Sharing

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When Transit States Pursue Their Own Agenda

Malaysian and Indonesian Responses to Australia's Migration and Border Policies

Antje Missbach and Gerhard Hoffstaedter

transit migration in Southeast Asia. Many asylum seekers and refugees enter Malaysia legally as tourists and wait, work, and sometimes register with the UNHCR before moving on to Indonesia, the secondary staging ground for boat journeys to Australia. Now

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Dirty Work, Dangerous Others

The Politics of Outsourced Immigration Enforcement in Mexico

Wendy Vogt

scholarship has addressed the political, economic, and social dimensions of transit migration in countries worldwide ( Basok et al. 2015 ; Collyer et al. 2012 ; Mainwaring and Brigden 2016 ; Missbach 2015 ; Phillips and Missbach 2017b ). Of particular

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“Looking for One’s Life”

Trapped Mobilities and Adventure in Morocco

Sébastien Bachelet

This article examines how “irregular” migrants from West and Central Africa make sense of their trapped mobility in Morocco: for many, crossing into Europe has become almost impossible, returning to home countries “empty-handed” a shameful option, and staying very difficult in the face of repeated infringement of their rights. I explore the limits of contemporary depictions of a “migration crisis” that portray migrants south of the Mediterranean Sea as simply en route to Europe and fail to engage with (post)colonial entanglements. The article recalibrates the examinationof migrants’ lived experiences of stasis and mobility by exploring the emic notion of “adventure” among migrants “looking for their lives.” A focus on how migrants articulate their own (im)mobility further exposes and defies the pitfalls of abstract concepts such as “transit migration,” which is misleading in its implication of a fixed destination.

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From Ecuador to Elsewhere

The (Re)Configuration of a Transit Country

Soledad Álvarez Velasco

), the case of Ecuador as a transit country has not been widely recognized or studied. By analyzing how and why Ecuador has become a transit country, this article makes a contribution to the field of transit migration studies with findings and reflections

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Recentering the South in Studies of Migration

Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh

–1987 , ed. V.Y. Mudimbe , 238 – 48 . Chicago : University of Chicago Press . Içduygu , Ahmet , and Deniz Yükseker . 2012 . “ Rethinking Transit Migration in Turkey: Reality and Re-presentation in the Creation of a Migratory Phenomenon