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Luigi Cajani

This article reconstructs the evolution of the representation of Italian colonialism in history textbooks for upper secondary schools from the Fascist era to the present day. Textbook analysis is conducted here in parallel with the development of Italian historiography, with special attention being paid to the myth of the "good Italian", incapable of war crimes and violence against civilians, that has been cherished by Italian public opinion for a long time. Italian historians have thoroughly reconstructed the crimes perpetrated by the Italian army both in the colonies and in Yugoslavia and Greece during the Second World War, and this issue has slowly entered history textbooks.

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“Russia My History”

A Hi-Tech Version of an Old History Textbook

Olga Konkka

-designed project. The project's strongest “selling point,” however, seems to be the narrative itself, which amounts to a solid and coherent “national romance.” Considering that according to public opinion polls, national history is a main source of pride for

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April Mandrona

blogs of the young women could “also be seen as performative and public spaces: that is space to extend, differentiate, and negotiate social norms and cultural values; voice issues of common concern; and contribute to forming public opinion” (2011: 350

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A Useless Subject?

Teaching Civic Education in Italy from the School Programs of 1958 to the Present Day

Paolo Bianchini and Maria Cristina Morandini

base civic education on what, in public opinion, was commonly considered the foundation of democratic and republican life. Yet the law currently in force proves that the study of the constitution, however valid it may be, is in itself not enough to form

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Andreas Weiß

. Spang and Rolf-Harald Wippich (eds.), Japanese-German Relations, 1895–1945: War, Diplomacy and Public Opinion (London: Routledge, 2006). 52 Max Wagner and Otto Mönch, Geographie als erweiterte und vertiefte Heimatkunde , 2nd ed. (entitled Geographie

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Writing Childhoods, Righting Memory

Intergenerational Remembrance in Post-communist Romania

Codruta Alina Pohrib

Romania: Public opinion poll], (accessed 5 Septemeber 2016). 5 Mirela-Luminiţa Murgescu, “Romanian Perceptions of Communism,” Euxeinos no. 3

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Working with the Cold War

Types of Knowledge in Swedish and Australian History Textbook Activities

Niklas Ammert and Heather Sharp

questionable. The question draws attention to negative public opinion surrounding the use of napalm during the Vietnam War, expressed in the first half of the question as a declarative statement and one based on historical fact. The second part of the question

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Nazism and the Holocaust in Indian History Textbooks

Basabi Khan Banerjee and Georg Stöber

with the political power structure in the respective states. One reason for this might be public debate and media involvement in textbook issues, which contributed not only toward forming public opinion (and the resulting revisions), but also toward

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Sharifah Aishah Osman

public opinion, especially with the encroachment of religious conservatism and racial politics into various discursive spaces. More importantly, such narratives illustrate the extent to which sexist and misogynistic attitudes towards rape have tainted

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Los Roldán and the Inclusion of Travesti Narratives

Representations of Gender-Nonconforming Identities in Argentinian Telenovelas

Martín Ponti

change that generate dialogue about societal issues while mediating public opinion on a range of issues such as political corruption, gender inequality, and same-sex desire ( La Pastina et al. 2003 ). Within this panorama of telenovela research