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Reclaiming the streets

Black urban insurgency and antisocial security in twenty-first-century Philadelphia

Jeff Maskovsky

negotiable politics to selected participants, so there is a sphere of action beyond such politics where no such negotiation is possible” (2011: 4–5). Outside of this restricted field is an “absolute residual population” whose only recourse is counter

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Guest Editors’ Introduction

Resisting Liberalism in Israel—the Case of Marginalized Mizrahim

Nissim Mizrachi and Menachem Mautner

view, in which rejection of the liberal message is symptomatic of a social and political malady rather than an alternative worldview whose recognition may cast doubt on the absolute certainty attached to the liberal stance as the only vision of a proper

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John Drakakis

relative and absolute value of the love object that Benvolio takes up again at the end of the following scene. Left entirely to the emotions, love is a capricious force, hence the need for some kind of institutional containment. Act I scene 2 opens with

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Invoking a World of Ideas

Theory and Interpretation in the Justification of Colonialism

David Boucher

), which may eventually undermine its compelling character. The classic, but brief, statement to this effect, subsequently elaborated by Thomas S. Kuhn (2012) and Stephen Toulmin (1972) was given by R. G. Collingwood. He argued: ‘the absolute

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Note on the Question of Animal Suffering in Medieval Islam

Muslim Mu‘tazilite Theology Confronted by Manichean Iranian Thought

Didier Gazagnadou

Benkheira, that most of the Muslim jurists justify animal sacrifice, but ‘raise the problem of the suffering of the animal put to death’ (2005: 117) and reply ‘not by giving men an absolute right to inflict suffering on animals, but arguing that God gave

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Love and Violence

Sartre and the Ethics of Need

Katharine Wolfe

, need “is essential for human growth, [and] for the discovery and creation of new dimensions to human life” at the same time that it contributes to antagonism, animosity, and violence. 11 While need is a restriction of one's absolute freedom, it is

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Cyrus Shahan

disguised as the new. Rather, post punk’s electronic distortions signal a “militancy of noise” 2 dependent upon aesthetic repetition. That repetition, in theory, contained potential escapes from the horizons of experience made seemingly absolute by

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Jan Ifversen

history, they have to begin and end somewhere. Every narrative has a beginning and an ending. Historians will normally escape mythical ideas of absolute beginnings and relativize endings. For them there is no end to history. Particular narratives might be

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Mohamed Enani

irony born of the poet’s inveterate wit. Closely examined, the sonnets will reveal that love may indeed be a supreme human passion, but it is not an absolute value in whatever form you choose: the object of the poet’s love in the first 126 sonnets, like

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Happiness Against All Odds

Incestuous Desires in John Ford's ’Tis Pity She's a Whore

Christoph Ehland

rationality have said all they can and the dimmer voice of the taboo begins insistently to make itself heard’. 3 Famously, Antonin Artaud celebrated the ‘absolute condition of revolt’ 4 which he saw embodied by the protagonists Giovanni and Annabella and