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Tadashi Hirai

. Sociocultural Dimension in Central Eastern Europe On top of all this data, people in Ukraine have had more direct experiences through their everyday lives: prolonged war with Russia and an unstable relationship with the European Union ( Tamburelli 2016

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The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

Angela Merkel, the Grand Coalition, and “Majority Rule” in Germany

Joyce Marie Mushaben

in history as the first woman, the first easterner, the first physicist, and even the first pastor’s daughter to take charge of the world’s fifth largest economy in 2005. In addition to dominating the European Union in ways never dared by her German

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Paolo Motta

small and medium-sized cities. The European Union for some years now has been considering the relevance of heritage as a necessary component of proper urban development, implementing through its cooperation programs various studies and projects, one of

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Joyce Marie Mushaben, Shelley Baranowski, Trevor J. Allen, Sabine von Mering, Stephen Milder, Volker Prott, and Peter C. Pfeiffer

diversity of the contributions. By triangulating a vast array of evidence at several units of analysis, this volume offers novel insight into perhaps the most fundamental issue in European Union politics, and suggests considerable possibilities for future

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Herr or Hüter of the Constitution?

The First Fifty Years in the History of the German Federal Constitutional Court

Manfred H. Wiegandt

Maastricht Treaty, although with reservations. The major reservation was expressed in the Court’s statement that European integration could not proceed beyond a European union of nations ( Staatenverbund ) to a real federal European state, because the German

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Ferenc Bódi, Jenő Zsolt Farkas, and Péter Róbert

. 1998 ). Obviously, this approach has a statistical perspective, when the Eurostat European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC) program (including also the Hungarian Central Statistical Office) started to measure—basically the

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A New Blue-Collar Force

The Alternative for Germany and the Working Class

Philipp Adorf

. Central however are perceived threats from both immigrants and the European Union (admittedly the latter is also frequently the target of attacks from the far left). This change represents a rather remarkable transformation from the early days of the

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The Curious Case of Slovakia

Regime Preferences Thirty Years after the Velvet Revolution

Zuzana Reptova Novakova

integrated into the internally borderless European Union (EU), the premise of liberal democracy no longer seemed to be the only game in town. This was especially the case with the four countries that made up the so-called Visegrád Group (Czech Republic

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Klaus Berghahn, Russell Dalton, Jason Verber, Robert Tobin, Beverly Crawford, and Jeffrey Luppes

secret strategic alliances after 1871, the foundations of German foreign policy in 2014 were enmeshment in the European Union, transparent multilateralism, diplomacy, adherence to international law, and antimilitarism. An engine of military might before

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This Was the One for Me

AfD Women's Origin Stories

Christina Xydias

political parties’ closed-list European Union ballots, Sergiu Gherghina and Mihail Chiru show that personal wealth often explains higher list placement across parties, but parties vary in the salience of previous political experience. In a pooled model