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Lauren Marx

African nationalism with a comparative analysis to that of the current political leadership in South Africa today. The question of education, land and race has been omnipresent in the South African narrative and therefore this research is important in

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Empire and Economics

Decolonising Colonialism and Its Legacies in Africa

Edited by Lawrence Hamilton

historiography and political theory. Liberalism, communism, African and Afrikaner nationalism, localised cultural and social histories and related ideological conflicts of identity have failed to grasp and explain the relations of power that continue to operate

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Niklas Olsen, Irene Herrmann, Håvard Brede Aven, and Mohinder Singh

the Indian languages, the semantic histories of some of which go back to ancient India while some are of more recent vintage. Another set of conceptual terms include those terms (e.g., secularism, nationalism, religion, development etc.) that

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Takamichi Sakurai

of authoritarian political regime’ ( Bach 2006: 192 ). The eminent theorist of fascism Roger Griffin further defines fascism as a ‘revolutionary form of ultra-nationalism that attempts to realize the myth of the regenerated nation’ (2012: 1). On the

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Max Stille

Hellenistic heritage to regional and local variations, in which operating in more than one language was the norm rather than the exception. 4 The politics of regional languages during colonialism and rising nationalism as well as the question of a national

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Some Senses of Pan-Africanism from the South

Christopher Allsobrook

principles haunt South Africa forty years after Biko’s death. With political independence, despite the sterling example of early nationalist leaders such as Kwame Nkrumah and Julius Nyerere, relations between African Nationalism and Pan-Africanism have

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Traces of Pan Africanism and African Nationalism in Africa Today

Denis Goldberg

of a call to African Unity had different reasons for that call at different times. It is also necessary to distinguish between concepts such as African Nationalism in the different countries or even regions and Pan-Africanism relating to the whole

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Lawrence Ogbo Ugwuanyi

Manchester in 1945’ ( Mutiso and Rohio 1963: 341 ). It should also be noted that many African leaders, such as Nkrumah, Nyerere and Toure, attended the Manchester conference and that its basic idea was the need to achieve a pan-African nationalism that will

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Book Reviews

On 20th Century Revolutionary Socialism, from Poland to Peru and beyond

Jean-Numa Ducange, Camila Vergara, Talat Ahmed, and Christian Høgsbjerg

for Indian nationalism in the colonial context. Dange was twenty-two years old at the time and an established trade union organiser. The early 1920s was a nodal point for radicalised layers of Indians located in industrial workplaces such as textile

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Hugo Bonin and Aleksandra Konarzewska

, nationalism, and patriotism evoked various emotions, depending on the opposition milieu. Contrary to popular conviction of the clash between the two camps: “them” (i.e., the communist rulers and party members) and “us” (the opposition, but also the rest of