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Ashley Lebner

presidential election—have made it devastatingly clear that old and perhaps new racisms are thriving in contemporary America. Neither of the works considered here are conceived as explicit comparisons of race relations. Nevertheless, juxtaposing insights into

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Julien Brachet, Victoria L. Klinkert, Cory Rodgers, Robtel Neajai Pailey, Elieth Eyebiyi, Rachel Benchekroun, Grzegorz Micek, Natasha N. Iskander, Aydan Greatrick, Alexandra Bousiou, and Anne White

racism and xenophobia as well as the cosmopolitan communitas that has emerged across perceived divisions. The next four ethnographic chapters describe specific issues facing entrepreneurs in Eastleigh: the establishment of businesses and accumulation of

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Racial and Social Prejudice in the Colonial Empire

Issues Raised by Miscegenation in Portugal (Late Nineteenth to Mid-Twentieth Centuries)

Patrícia Ferraz de Matos

her youth, suggested that ‘races’ as well as classes should remain separated and differentiated. In some of her works, Archer criticised racism and colonialism, but she also criticised women from the metropole for having failed, alongside their

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For or against commoning?

Ida Susser

, while drawing on European traditions of the commons, we need to continuously recognize the histories of imperialism, colonialism, and multiple forms of racism that crosscut these historic centers of capital today. The category of “the West,” which would

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The Draconian Governance of Illegalized Migrants in Western States

Barak Kalir

multiculturalism or in the form of White racism, … [results in] a fantasy of a nation governed by White people.” In Australia, Hage contends, populist anti-immigration discourse emerges from a widespread sense of frustration among Whites about losing the supposed

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Mike Gane

from elsewhere – the threat from the higher sections of the bourgeoisie against popular moves to subject it to graduated income tax, or from reaction to move to make the army account for blatant racism (Dreyfus). There was no single simple ‘bourgeois

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Ritty Lukose

term argued against. As is well known, the term ‘intersectionality’ is most specifically linked to an article by the legal theorist Kimberlé Crenshaw who coined the term to talk about the complexities of racism and sexism within the institutional and

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Decolonizing Anthropology

Reflections from Cambridge

Heidi Mogstad and Lee-Shan Tse

right to presence in places far from home’. 4 We were also struck by the deafening silence around race, structural racism and white privilege, which, despite anthropology’s ‘institutional position as an anti-racism science’ ( Antrosio and Han 2015: 1

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The Nemesis of the Suburbs

Richard Turner and South African Liberalism

Steven Friedman

years of the 1960s and the early 1970s, when Turner was most influential, young whites who rejected the racism of the society in which they were reared operated in a political and intellectual vacuum. A previous generation of whites who opposed apartheid

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Somy Kim

. The only black character not living in the Armstrong-Parker house, Lionel (Tyler James Williams) is the film’s outcast, and observer. Taking cues from Spike Lee, the writer-director critiques the structural racism that exists in the American university