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Girl Constructed in Two Nonfiction Texts

Sexual Subject? Desired Object?

Mary Ann Harlan

acknowledges and concerns itself with the “distortions created by power imbalances due to gender, race/ethnicity, class, and nation” (53). I ask questions grounded in a feminist standpoint that assumes that power guides what is valued as knowledge. Simply put

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Heta Mulari

, there were also young people in the groups who identified as gender-fluid or non-binary and who opted to use the pronouns they/them about themselves. While the groups in 2016 were heterogeneous in social class, the participants in 2017 were predominantly

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The Girl in the GIF

Reading the Self into Girlfriendship

Akane Kanai

indeed, assumptions of sameness and universality may be derived from a perspective linked to dominant classed and raced social locations ( Kanai 2017 ). The public, despite its open address, is thus never simply out there waiting for any participant to

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“I’m No Donna Reed”

Postfeminist Rhetoric in Christian At-Home Daughterhood Texts

Elizabeth Shively

four families who seem to have been carefully chosen to represent a spectrum of racial and class identities. But despite their diversity, the families’ stories are remarkably similar. Each features a twenty-something daughter who lives at home with her

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Nirmala Erevelles and Xuan Thuy Nguyen

and pitiable need, represents a vulnerability “attached to certain medical and legal categories of identity” (141) from which social movements committed to anti–racist, feminist, queer, and/or class struggle seek to distance themselves. The move to

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Statutory Rape or Postfeminism in Pretty Little Liars?

Shara Crookston

includes touching students, spending an inordinate amount of time with a student, and inviting students to their homes, along with student requests to be moved out of a class. Several instances throughout the Pretty Little Liars series exemplify Mitchell

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“Like Alice, I was Brave”

The Girl in the Text in Olemaun’s Residential School Narratives

Roxanne Harde

Olemaun triumphantly reads out loud in class to end When I Was Eight , she says, “I was Olemaun, conqueror of evil, reader of books. I was a girl who traveled to a strange and faraway land to stand against a tyrant, like Alice. And like Alice, I was brave

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Becoming a Gentleman

Adolescence, Chivalry, and Turn-of-the-Century Youth Movements

Kent Baxter

chivalry is spoken of as an order, as if knighthood ought to be compared to an order of religion: sometimes it is spoken of as an estate, a social class” (1984: 2). Particularly interesting for a discussion of the relationship between chivalry and

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Jasmyn Galley

history classes, Britain and its Empire were championed but its colonies, and the people in them, were never mentioned. When I was 18 years old I moved to Toronto in a bid to connect with my Canadian roots. I have since learned about the injustices that my

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Growing Up Married

In Conversation with Eylem Atakav

Zahra Khosroshahi

lot. Getting non-academic stakeholders in the classroom really shed light on this issue. So, for example, when we got [the] Norwich constabulary to come into class and ask the students whether they think honor killing happens in the UK, their initial