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The Draconian Governance of Illegalized Migrants in Western States

Barak Kalir

arrived, yet this never prevented racism against them and the formation of second-class citizenship (cf. Balibar and Wallerstein 1991 ; Taylor 1994 ). 12 For more on the intimate link between European modernity, state racism, and the systematic

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Perspectives from the Ground

Colonial Bureaucratic Violence, Identity, and Transitional Justice in Canada

Jaymelee J. Kim

developed within the 2006 Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement, the product of a class action lawsuit in which more than 80,000 Indigenous people sought redress for the implementation of assimilatory residential schools, the last of which closed in

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Gilberto Conde

entirely unprecedented, challenged like never before since the 1960s and 1970s the authoritarian regimes of the Arab world. The wealthiest oil-producing Arab ruling classes saw the entire regional status quo shaken and at least a substantial part of them

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Is there a link?

Japan’s internal cohesion and external conflict with neighbors

Robert W. Compton Jr.

shared understandings vital to successful regional social cohesion. As Hirata and Warschauer state, issues of Japanese textbook revisions and the high-profile political visitations of the Yasukuni Shrine , where Class A war criminals are buried, while

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Eliza Guyol-Meinrath Echeverry

Africa and Brazil, Philippe Bourgois (1989) noted the ways in which Central American banana plantations exploited class and ethnic divisions among workers to increase their profits, and Suzana Sawyer (2004) found that neoliberal capitalist

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Zenyram Koff Maganda

the Rainbow) School in Luxembourg, which has recently joined the International Baccalaureate. I am studying the Middle Years Program, which includes a Service in Action class. Through this course, students complete activities that benefit their

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John Agnew

thought more anecdotally for years—that is, neighborhood or place matters profoundly in affecting the prospects of individual social mobility in US society. Why else would so many middle-class Americans invest in moving to “better” school districts if this

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The Many Faces of the State

Living in Peace and Conflict in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh

Nasir Uddin and Eva Gerharz

supportive or dominant. Many Pahari adivasi regularly experience the hegemony of the state in the form of phrases and terms of reference used by Bengalis, based on which public discourses have been formed in the CHT. Pahari adivasi are considered a “third-class

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Women and development in Vietnam

Caught between social tradition and economic globalization

Khuat Thu Hong

.7% higher than women, and the monthly earnings of men are higher than women in all classes of technical qualification. The gender pay gap is especially significant among those who have university and post-graduate degrees as it is as large as 20%, which is

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Frauke Mennes, John P. Hayes, David Kloos, Martha Lagace, Morten Koch Andersen, Somdeep Sen, Matthew Porges, and Sa’ed Atshan

produce children (e.g., Owich 2017 ) despite tenuous claims to land, unaffordable bride-price, hardening class divisions, and an uncertain future politically as members of a Nilotic minority within a state that (with exceptions) tends to privilege members