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Blurred memories

War and disaster in a Buddhist Sinhala village

Mara Benadusi

that outsiders be complicit and participate in reproducing the deception and appearances of truth, not that they be believed. Navigating the rocky path of uncertainty in village life required the use of “uninhibited research methods” ( Bouchetoux 2014

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Ryan Gunderson

immanent critique is to expose the deception of the implied meaning: “it could not be otherwise than it is” ( Frankfurt Institute of Social Research 1972: 202 ) (cf. “Defetishizing Critique”). Normative immanent critique “appraises society by the light of

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To Smile and Not to Smile

Mythic Gesture at the Russia-China Border

Caroline Humphrey

have coagulated into mythic forms. The first, as mentioned earlier, concerns the notion of the state border itself—the acute suspicion cultivated by the security agencies that this line is where ‘foreignness’, associated with enmity and deception

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From behind stall doors

Farming the Eastern German countryside in the animal welfare era

Amy Leigh Field

press for poor conditions. As the chief editor of a local agricultural press also put it: “We do also lie quite a lot: the cows on milk packaging for example, it's all deception, and it's easy to find out that cows aren't raised the way they're depicted

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Staging Sassoun

Memory and Music Video in Post-Soviet Armenia

Rik Adriaans

in the Republic of Armenia. 7 The affective spectrum—from exilic nostalgia to militant irredentism—that video producers seek to engage is by no means entirely the result of the ideological molding or ‘mass deception’ carried out by the culture

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India Halstead

Criticism and Society .” In Prisms , 17 – 34 . Cambridge, MA : MIT Press . Adorno , Theodor , and Max Horkheimer . 1944 . “ The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception .” In Dialectic of Enlightenment , 94 – 136 . Stanford, CA

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Sermin Ildirar and Louise Ewing

have since found that maintaining eye contact with an interviewer facilitates deception detection ( Vrij et al. 2010 ). It follows, then, that looking directly into the camera might have an effect (positive or negative) Figure 2 Example of sequence

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Mindfulness Meditation

A Sartrean Analysis

Dane Sawyer

(a point Heidegger makes with his conception of “moods”). From this perspective, I think, the need for or the temptation of bad faith may lose at least some of its grip as the need for self-deception decreases and one learns to accept oneself

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Hierarchy, Value, and the Value of Hierarchy

Naomi Haynes and Jason Hickel

Development, and Problems of Dependence in Central Uganda . Chicago : University of Chicago Press . Smith , Daniel J. 2007 . A Culture of Corruption: Everyday Deception and Popular Discontent in Nigeria . Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Press

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Andreas Baranowski and Heiko Hecht

Technology: From Zoetrope to Digital . London : Wallflower Press . Faraday , Michael . 1831 . “ On a Peculiar Class of Optical Deceptions .” Journal of the Royal Institute of Great Britain 1 : 205 – 223 . Finlay , David J. , and Peter Dodwell