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Fanny Colonna

Thinking Differently Under Colonialism

Arthur Asseraf

colonial society, attempting to dismantle Manichaean views of two hermetic worlds and painting a picture of a world of Mediterranean people whose ties were gradually crushed by colonialism, decolonization, nationalism, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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Nadia Malinovich

The evolving use of European standard languages provides a rich terrain for the exploration of identity politics in the aftermath of decolonization. * This is especially true in the French context, where the link between culture and language is

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Jess Dorrance

studies scholars Eve Tuck and K. Wayne Yang (2012) call, in relation to the project of decolonization, an “ethic of incommensurability.” To forge solidarities with projects of unsettling, they argue, we must recognize “what is distinct, what is sovereign

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Damaging Environments

Land, Settler Colonialism, and Security for Indigenous Peoples

Wilfrid Greaves

scholars emphasize how the survival of Indigenous lives and nations through individual and collective decolonization requires challenging these very structures of settler society. Eve Tuck and K. Wayne Yang (2012: 7 ) argue that “decolonization in the

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Seized in Beirut

The Plundered Archives of the Palestinian Cinema Institution and Cultural Arts Section

Rona Sela

that struggle the most gigantic cultural, scientific, and artistic manifestation of our time, the great possibility of constructing a liberated personality with each people as the starting point – in a word, the decolonization of culture. The film

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“This Is My Story”

The Reclaiming of Girls’ Education Discourses in Malala Yousafzai’s Autobiography

Rosie Walters

Celebrity Culture . New York : New York University Press . Quinby , Lee . 1992 . “ The Subject of Memoirs: The Woman Warrior’s Technology of Ideographic Selfhood .” In De/Colonizing the Subject: The Politics of Gender in Women’s Autobiography , ed

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Julie Gough, Jonathan Jones, Kelli Cole, Shari Lett, Glenn Iseger-Pilkington, Billie Lythberg, Jennifer Walklate, Jeanine Nault, Jake Homiak, Joshua A. Bell, and Natasha Barrett

productive than simply decolonizing them. Perhaps now is the time where organizational change, increased engagement with Indigenous peoples at all levels of museum operation (rather than simply within exhibition, programming, publication, and collection

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Modernity, Ḥadātha, and Modernité in the Works of Abdallah Laroui

Conceptual Translation and the Politics of Historicity

Nils Riecken

. 19 Decolonization, Visions for Emancipation, and Tradition In this critical concern with historically situated conceptual frameworks, Laroui's works can furthermore be located within an intellectual movement in North Africa in the 1960s that

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Chiara Bonfiglioli

contributions by Rada Iveković, Renata Jambreš ić-Kirin, and Svetlana Slapšak; (2) “Decolonizing Space/Time,” a section dedicated to the convergence of postcolonial and postsocialist studies, with interventions by Madina Tlostanova and Irina Novikova referring

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Refugee Hospitality Encounters in Northern Portugal

“Cultural Orientations” and “Contextual Protection”

Elizabeth Challinor

of more than half a million residents from Portugal’s African colonies—in the wake of Portugal’s 25 April revolution in 1974 which precipitated their decolonization—constitutes a significant historical antecedent to Portuguese refugee hospitality