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Digital Natives

Making Sense of the Digital Political Landscape and Assessing the Potential for Mobilization versus Apathy

Patrick Readshaw

that is a rarity nowadays … I tend to use the internet for finding out about current events. Table 1 Table of Superordinate Themes to Be Carried Forward to Analysis Superordinate Theme Description Subthemes The digital

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Lia Friesem

later in the hands of popular culture creators as well, in the Web 2.0 era, anyone with an Internet connection can disseminate his/her own perspective widely and instantly, thus adding one’s own pieces of meaning to the collective puzzle. Saturated with

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La televisión colombiana y la formación ciudadana en salud de mujeres televidentes

Reproducción de lógicas individualistas y de consumo

Alejandro Agudelo Calle

, especialmente entre las poblaciones de menores recursos, incluso a pesar del aumento de la cobertura de internet en la sociedad. Ahora bien, uno de los temas más representados en la televisión actualmente es el de la salud. La salud, desde la perspectiva que se

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Liminal spaces, resources and networks

Facebook as a shaping force for students’ transitions into higher education

Sally Baker and Eve Stirling

argument has been made that the Internet has penetrated social life to such an extent that it is now ‘disappearing into the background as a taken-for-granted aspect’ ( Beneito-Montagut 2011 ). Facebook is one such ‘mundane aspect’ of undergraduate students

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Jaime Moreno Tejada

the internet. This is a new avenue of research in media studies (see e.g. Parikka 2015 ). The focus is on the tangible side of media—the unhip technologies, the untidy environments—and, in this case, on the actions of the so-called producer . Not

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Timothy M. Shaw and Abigail Kabandula

earlier forms of industrialization, such as the NICs: more digital/virtual and less old industrial: can its “post-industrial” developmental states, regions, and networks connect directly to the Internet of Things (IoT), so leapfrogging earlier, traditional

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Ann Miller and Kaveri Gopalakrishnan

them, and write in, sharing really personal reactions at times. I’ve made good friends over the Internet; people whose work and life choices I can relate to. It’s important for me to feel valid: I didn’t expect this to come from the Internet. Likes and

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Bringing Indigenous Kamchatka to Google Earth

Collaborative Digital Mapping with the Itelmen Peoples

Brian Thom, Benedict J. Colombi, and Tatiana Degai

tools from the outset of the project, we have been able to leverage local devices with inexpensive hardware and limited Internet access while allowing for advice and expertise from international and local collaborators to help refine the outcomes and

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Gijs Mom

and redefinitions of what it means to be mobile, either in a bus, in a car, or on a bicycle, or through a cell phone, a game, or the Internet, or, for that matter, in just a dangerous situation, as the current issue will testify. These reformulations

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Joseph Bristley and Elizabeth Turk

contexts. Echoing the content of Chapter One, the ethnographic focus of this chapter is on how the human is emergent from an ‘entanglement of brains, machines, and the Internet’ (169). In a way that exemplifies this book's concern with tracing the genealogy