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Sami Schalk

disability .” (accessed 19 September 2015 ). Bernstein , Robin M. 2011 . “ Children’s Books, Dolls, and the Performance of Race; or, The Possibility of Children

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Sam Roggen

the ASL of Mann’s work in CinemaScope clearly exceeds that of his other films. 3 The results show some deviations, such as The Glenn Miller Story (1954) and Serenade (1956), both of which feature lengthy shots of the musical performances of Glenn

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Ander Delgado

deepen our knowledge of the process of textbook development and the influence of outside factors on that process, as illustrated, for example, by the case of the influence of political context on the choice of content and performance. This idea is not new

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Working with the Cold War

Types of Knowledge in Swedish and Australian History Textbook Activities

Niklas Ammert and Heather Sharp

—resulted in deteriorating educational outcomes. Swedish pupils were performing at lower levels, which became apparent not only in their scores on international examinations, 8 but also in their overall performance once they reached higher educational

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Loving and Grieving with Heart of a Dog and Merleau-Ponty's Depth

Saige Walton

life” project, the American performance artist, sound artist, and musician made her feature following the 2011 death of a beloved family member, a small rat terrier dog named Lolabelle. The result is a powerful testament to the interspecies bonds that

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Guest Editor's Introduction

Phenomenology Encounters Cognitivism

Robert Sinnerbrink

Cinemas of Performance: The Powers of Affection . Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press . Ferencz-Flatz , Christian , and Julian Hanich . 2016 . “ Editors’ Introduction: What Is Film Phenomenology? ” Studia Phaenomenologica 16 : 11 – 61 . doi

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What Does It Mean to Be an Ecological Filmmaker?

Knut Erik Jensen’s Work as Eco-Auteur

Mette Hjort

contradiction” identifies a “discrepancy between act and content, between performance and proposition” (Philosophical Society). A contradiction of this nature—my film depicts an environment worth appreciating, but was made in ways that harmed that very

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The Cine-Fist

Eisenstein’s Attractions, Mirror Neurons, and Contemporary Action Cinema

Maria Belodubrovskaya

that differs from both. On the one hand, if we appraise the context (an acrobat’s performance), we see the clown’s actions as a stunt. On the other hand, and far more immediately, we see someone moving with their teeth to the wire, and this is painful

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Erin Ash

essence, these motivations, while seemingly altruistic, may actually be derived from the intrinsic need to maintain white privilege and power by denying its existence through the performance of prosocial behaviors. This interpretation implies the “denial

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Kira Mahamud Angulo and Yovana Hernández Laina

economic performance.’” 16 We may confirm that the textbooks analyzed generated “perceptions of their nation’s economic attributes” and “normative beliefs regarding the qualities necessary for economic success,” 17 creating a new national imaginary (in