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Becoming a Gentleman

Adolescence, Chivalry, and Turn-of-the-Century Youth Movements

Kent Baxter

their limbs are well formed, and the principles of a false philosophy, leading to the abandonment of moral restraints, and destroying the sentiments of chivalry, have, beyond a doubt, abridged the period of youth, not merely in a moral and intellectual

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Outrageous Flirtation, Repressed Flirtation, and the Gallic Singularity

Alexis de Tocqueville's Comparative Views on Women and Marriage in France and the United States

Jean Elisabeth Pedersen

will stop there for fear of lapsing into considerations of high politics, philosophy, metaphysics, economics, and ethics from which I would be unable to extricate myself without putting you to sleep. In any case, I was saying that America is no better

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Two Failures of Left Internationalism

Political Mimesis at French University Counter-Summits, 2010–2011

Eli Thorkelson

Philosophy and the French University Movement of 2009” (Ph.D. dissertation, University of Chicago, 2014). 42 Collectif Abélard, Universitas calamitatum: Le livre noir des réformes universitaires (Broissieux: Éditions du Croquant, 2003). 43 Thorkelson, “The

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Myra Marx Ferree, Jeffrey Luppes, Randall Newnham, David Freis, David N. Coury, Carol Hager, and Angelika von Wahl

, political philosophies, and events.” (5) Intended for the “average reader” the style is jargon free and comprehensive. Its prose and layout make it accessible to undergraduate students, yet it also offers a wealth of insights and detail for advanced scholars

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Trying on the Veil

Sexual Autonomy and the End of the French Republic in Michel Houellebecq’s Submission

Seth Armus

Rediger” seems as if it must be a reference to Robert Redeker, a French philosophy teacher who famously went into hiding after publicly criticizing Islam. It is, however, not at all clear what Houellebecq intends by this odd appropriation. 34 Ibid., 87. 35

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Richard Ivan Jobs, Judith Surkis, Laura Lee Downs, Nimisha Barton, and Kimberly A. Arkin

understanding of Sayad’s philosophy of culture, undoubtedly influenced by his longtime friend and mentor Bourdieu, to open the volume. In terms of Sayad’s work itself, one wonders what these essays, particularly chapters 2 and 4, would look like if a rigorous

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The Origins of the Stanley Hoffmann We Knew

Some Comparisons on his Vichy Years with My Family Story

Peter Gourevitch

and worked to support their parents. My mother got a scholarship to the Collège Sévigné and recalled having had Simone de Beauvoir as a philosophy teacher. After finishing university, my father started a Ph.D. in chemistry at the Curie Institute. My

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Torben Grodal

. Irenäus Eibl-Eibesfeld and Frank Kemp Salter , 71 – 93 . New York : Berghahn Books . Carroll , Noël . 1998 . A Philosophy of Mass Art . Oxford : Oxford University Press . Curtis , Valerie , and Adam Biran . 2001 . “ Dirt, Disgust, and

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Mobilizing Meanings

Translocal Identities of the Far Right Web

Patricia Anne Simpson

current recoding of German history in the service of identitarian and nativist movements. Feist—Margot Honecker’s nephew who studied philosophy and is now described as a Marxist philosopher—appears frequently in debates to endorse a pseudo

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Objects of Dispute

Planning, Discourse, and State Power in Post-War France

Edward Welch

lived experience of the New Town’s inhabitants. During these interviews, we begin to hear voices of dissent among the planning team, as they reflect on some of the earlier decisions made about Cergy. So while M. Douady sets out the philosophy behind