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Sanaz Nasirpour

spying, disguised identities and violation of users’ privacy ( Khazraee 2013: 743 ). For instance, in 2014, Masih Alinejad, an Iranian journalist who lives in exile in the United Kingdom, gained international attention following her activism on her

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Conflicts in Children’s Everyday Lives

Fresh Perspectives on Protracted Crisis in Lebanon

Erik van Ommering

consent as a process that marked interactions throughout the fieldwork, enabling interlocutors to question the research process as well as their own continued involvement at any time. To protect identities and privacy, I use pseudonyms for individuals and

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Heather Fitzsimmons Frey

unexpected difference in the culturally appropriate venue of a fancy dress ball, or like BA, in the relative privacy of a drawing-room theatrical performed among family members and friends. Although I could not ask BA, of course, to expand on her comments to

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Jeffrey Luppes, Klaus Berghahn, Meredith Heiser-Duron, Sara Jones, and Marcus Colla

Lawinky, Karlheinz Schädlich, Kerstin Kaiser. In the first of these chapters, Espindola explores the conflict between public exposures and privacy laws. Here, respect for the victims conflicts with the right to reputational integrity of the former

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Stephanie A. Limoncelli

. Some students wished to work directly with client populations and were disappointed that they could not, since many organisations are rightfully concerned about protecting the privacy of their clients. Clear communication about the parameters of their

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The Girl in the GIF

Reading the Self into Girlfriendship

Akane Kanai

-critical discourse where entry is prima facie transparent and the terms of entry are equally available. The apparent openness of the call in the text, found as it is online and accessible without any privacy restrictions, obscures the way in which the text itself

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Poverty and Shame

Interactional Impacts on Claimants of Chinese Dibao

Jian Chen and Lichao Yang

shame (“They do not have a sense of shame at all”). Attitudes toward Publication of the List of Dibao Users In some papers, the publication of dibao users’ names is criticized as disrespecting users’ privacy and stigmatizing them. Surprisingly, most

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City Sterilization and Poverty Management

Examining a Mobility Hub in the “Redevelopment and Enhancement” of Downtown Tallahassee

Christopher M. McLeod, Matthew I. Horner, Matthew G. Hawzen, and Mark DiDonato

, “Governing the Homeless in an Age of Compassion: Homelessness, Citizenship and the 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness in King County Washington,” Antipode 44, no. 4 (2012): 1510–1531; Tony Sparks, “Broke Not Broken: Rights, Privacy, and Homelessness in

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Grey Gardens and the Problem of Objectivity

Notes on the Ethics of Observational Documentary

Mathew Abbott

even claimed that an attitude of contempt for subjects lay at the heart of works of direct cinema. Singling out the Maysles, Calvin Pryluck raised related objections regarding the ethics of observational works, referring to invasions of privacy, the

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Knowledge, Ignorance, and Pilgrimage

Evgenia Mesaritou, Simon Coleman, and John Eade

” through the spatial organization of the shrine, which secluded some spaces such as the spring from public view, and through the placement of signs prohibiting the taking of photographs. By “disciplin[ing] the gaze, protecting the privacy of the pilgrims