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Tiina Ann Kirss

, everyday decisions whose common denominator is precisely the spirit and ethos of a politics that is aware of the global threat to the human race’ (1995: 217). Updating this in the context of the threat of terrorism and the refugee crisis, the last

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Ambivalent Anticipations

On Soldierly Becomings in the Desert of the Real

Thomas Randrup Pedersen

end of his tour, eventually releasing him from ‘the desert’ in which he finds himself to be stuck. The race: on the upside down ‘Prepare for combat’, Sergeant Andersen, Fenrir's second-in-command, yells. He is bossing the privates around as

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Michael Connors Jackman and Adeel Khan

systematically and forcefully denied. In five short chapters penned by scholars working at the intersections of critical race studies and feminist technoscience, this book carefully tracks how meaningful relationships of interdependence are forged in the face of

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To travel is to Look, to Look is to Relate

Identity and Otherness in the Account of Otto Nordenskjöld (1902)

Eduardo Gallegos and Jaime Otazo

question criticizes the colonial violence that is committed against the natives. Now the final act of this long drama begins, of this battle of a race of inoffensive primitives that civilization, cornering them without mercy, has transformed into bands

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The triple-sidedness of “I can't breathe”

The COVID-19 pandemic, enslavement, and agro-industrial capitalism

Don Nonini

), and their race. Those African Americans who have more or less steady employment also show disproportionate levels of consumer debt—from credit cards, student loans, and medically related debt ( Aspen Institute 2018 ; Wang 2018: 128–131 ). Whether

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Incarnate Politics beyond the Cross and the Sword

Carlota McAllister and Valentina Napolitano

, the Catholic Church and Christianity at large have played a key role in (re)configuring the regimes of the senses through which specific forms of power, labor, and life, as well as gendered and raced performativities, have emerged and are incarnated

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Michele Friedner

spectre of race and class here: think about the recent shootings of black and brown cognitively disabled people in the United States such as Laquan MacDonald, Keith Lamont Scott, Kajieme Powell and others. The social has not expanded to include these

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Human–Animal Relationships in the Middle East

Marjan Mashkour and Anahita Grisoni

, according not only to the multiplicity of species but also to animals’ age, sex and physical features, as shown in the case of pet dogs in Iran selected according to race and appearance (Anahita Grisoni and Marjan Mashkour). Within this context, where their

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What Makes a Panther a Panther?

Genetics, Human Perceptions, and the Complexity of Species Categorization

Catherine Macdonald and Julia Wester

.” After indicating their choice, participants were asked to briefly explain their answer using an open response format. Demographic variables were collected to characterize the sample, including gender, age, highest level of education, income, and race

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Shubhi Sharma, Rachel Golden Kroner, Daniel Rinn, Camden Burd, Gregorio Ortiz, John Burton, Angus Lyall, Pierre du Plessis, Allison Koch, Yvan Schulz, Emily McKee, Michael Berman, and Peter C. Little

, work and labor, race and gender, environmental justice, political ecology, deindustrialization and the American Midwest, and, last but not least, ethnography. Yvan Schulz University of Neuchâtel Reynolds, Kristin, and Nevin Cohen. 2016. Beyond the Kale