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Owen White and Elizabeth Heath

of racial ideologies that in turn did much to determine ethnic preferences for particular types of labor. 40 In this way a political economy of race fed into the elaboration of myths about the supposedly in-built aptitudes of Kabyle workers vis

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Katrin Sieg

genocidal violence against indigenous people, Zantop contends that the way in which sexuality, race, gender, and power became entwined in these fantasies lent tremendous persuasiveness and momentum to proponents of colonialism. 3 Zantop’s work on fantasy

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Aliza Luft

of whether they are involved in contention . The collective bases for categorical political violence include, but are not limited to, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, and social class. After briefly reviewing the history of research on social

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Katherine Weikert and Elena Woodacre

2015, . 17 For a limited number of examples, see M. Lindsay Kaplan, “Jessica’s Mother: Medieval Constructions of Jewish Race and Gender in ‘The Merchant

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The Office de la Famille Française

Familialism and the National Revolution in 1940s Morocco

Margaret Cook Andersen

septembre 1943.” 52 Ibid. 53 Ibid. 54 On the idea of race in France see William Cohen, The French Encounter with Africans: White Response to Blacks, 1530–1880 (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1980); Sue Peabody and Tyler Stovall, The Color of

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Marrying into the Nation

Immigrant Bachelors, French Bureaucrats, and the Conjugal Politics of Naturalization in the Third Republic

Nimisha Barton

naturalization. Only in 1936, with the race to naturalize young immigrant men aged 25 or younger who could serve in the military (and who were counted as “bachelors” by statisticians) did prewar marital rates finally level off once more. That is, the

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“We Must Talk about Cologne”

Race, Gender, and Reconfigurations of “Europe”

Beverly Weber

the newly normalized racism of the center) allow the new right to determine the parameters of debates about possibilities for the future. The Human, Islam, and Race in Contemporary Germany A wealth of scholarship, particularly inspired by the

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Zoe Bray and Christian Thauer

globalized markets and territorially bound political orders (that is, nation-state polities), pure profit orientation means that firms often drive states into a regulatory “race to the bottom” ( Bohle 2008 ; Chan and Ross 2003 ; Murphy 2000 ). Seeking the

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After the Party

Trump, Le Pen, and the New Normal

Anne Sa’adah

presidential race. The event stunned the country. Le Pen polled 16.9 percent of the first-round vote and 17.8 percent in the run-off against the Gaullist Jacques Chirac. The party weathered internecine fights, scandals (some financial, others caused by Jean

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Aro Velmet and Rachel Kantrowitz

joins scholars such as Kelly Duke Bryant and Emmanuelle Saada in pointing out the racialized underpinnings of French rule. Gamble’s explicit discussion of race and racial hierarchies as part of the French regime demonstrates how “the line between