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Inside Out

Embodying Prison Boundaries

Manuela Ivone Cunha

’, can be understood in this light. These episodes, in which a prisoner fainted or fell inert, complaining of ‘not feeling [her] legs’ or of ‘losing strength’, tended in the previous decade to occur after arguments with co-prisoners or with prison

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Culture Trumps Scientific Fact

‘Race’ in US American Language

Augustine Agwuele

and better world’. In On the Social Contract , Jean-Jacques Rousseau ([1762 ] 2003: 14) proposed that a new social system should rest on “an equality that is moral and legitimate, and that men, who may be unequal in strength or intelligence, become

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Between Two Truths

Time in Physics and Fiji

Naoki Kasuga

came from Nadi in western Viti Levu. Making full use of his eloquence, Apolosi, traveled all over Fiji, collecting funds for the foundation of the ‘company’. The movement gathered strength and soon spread across the whole territory, helped by a growing

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Humor, Amnesia, and Making Place

Constitutive Acts of the Subject in Gezi Park, Istanbul

Christopher Houston and Banu Senay

the coalition was a weakness of the movement in terms of its ability to construct a unified political program, it was also its strength in generating something new and vital that self-consciously transcended established fault lines of suffering and

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Staging Sassoun

Memory and Music Video in Post-Soviet Armenia

Rik Adriaans

tzur (lit., ‘bent’, denoting a mixture of courage and madness and usually translated as ‘daredevil’), due to their superhuman strength and their impeccable ethics ( Gulbekian 1984: 106 ). As the 1915 Genocide has increasingly become a ‘root paradigm

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Adam Branch

African Studies that the debates will occur that can push forward the process of decolonization, providing the collective strength to engage with universities for whom questions of race and decolonization have not been a priority. After the British African

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Capacity as Aggregation

Promises, Water and a Form of Collective Care in Northeast Brazil

Andrea Ballestero

unity. To be sure, this makes the Pact precarious, dependent on the intimacy of the utterance for any enforceability. And yet that precariousness is also its potential strength. A promise kept, as anthropologists have shown, has the power to enliven and

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Prelude to a Grid

Energy, Gender and Labour on an Electric Frontier

Kristin D. Phillips

sparseness of this energy desert is indeed inscribed into the leanness of her limbs, born into the strength of her spine, worried into the furrow of her brow, wasted into the peachy fuzz of her hair. And in this project of subsistence she and her two boys are

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Degrees of Permeability

Confinement, Power and Resistance in Freetown's Central Prison

Luisa T. Schneider

, does not stem from his physical strength, but from his ability to manipulate information. Although existing reports never mention him and official narratives deny his involvement, the Professor is rumoured to have enabled this prison break by training

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“Your debts are our problem”

The politicization of debt in Azerbaijan

Tristam Barrett

crisis, the establishment of FIMSA is indicative of reformist struggles within the government. The strength of the reformist wing was reflected in cabinet reshuffles in April 2018, as well as the wide expansion of the highly successful one-window “ASAN