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A Return to Fashion

Revisiting the German Model

Gregory Baldi

to a postwar high of 12 percent. For the years between 2001-2005, economic growth, having already slowed in the decade following unification in the 1990s, could generate only a feeble annual average rate of 0.7 percent GDP. Germany also repeatedly

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Edward Berenson, Elinor Accampo, Joseph Bohling, and Michael Seidman

Union. Behind the façade of peace and the preservation of democracy lay sordid motives for unification: European cooperation was intended to help maintain Europe’s faltering empires. Racism and exploitation, the authors argue, more than a high

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Narrating the Second World War

History Textbooks and Nation Building in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine

Lina Klymenko

, northern Bukovina, and parts of Finland into the Soviet Union and unification of the Soviet people following the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact Reunification of western Belarus with Belarusian SSR and unification of the Belarusian people following the Molotov

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A Spectre Haunting Europe

Angela Merkel and the Challenges of Far-Right Populism

Joyce Marie Mushaben

Mitterrand, in exchange for the latter's unqualified acceptance of German unification. I contend that the AfD's virulent rhetoric, along with its xenophobic, anti-Islamic and anti-elite orientations mirror deeper systemic discontents, which the refugee

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“Revenge of the East”?

The AfD's Appeal in Eastern Germany and Mainstream Parties’ Responses

Jennifer A. Yoder

did) represent their interests, values, and policy preferences, causing them to shift their support to the AfD? The evidence considered in this paper suggests that, almost three decades after unification, incomplete and inadequate political integration

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Germany and Russia Since Reunification

Continuity, Change, and the Role of Leaders

Randall Newnham

opinion polls have shown that they have quite different foreign policy attitudes, even twenty-five years after unification, than the former West Germans. For example, a 2015 Pew Research Center poll on public opinion in nato countries showed that Germans

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The Making of a Capital

Jerusalem on Israeli Banknotes

Na'ama Sheffi and Anat First

twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, banknotes have served as a factor in European unification through the choice to represent non-nationalistic monuments on the new euro banknotes ( Calligaro 2013 ). Despite this monetary unification, however

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Mariana C. Françozo

, featuring objects, documents, replicas, and more than forty multimedia stations. The journey begins in 1861, the year of the unification of Italy and the start of the official emigration flow to the Americas, and ends in the present day with the arrival of

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Theatre and Ideology

Staging The Merchant of Venice at the Hungarian National Theatre in 1940 and 1986

Zoltán Imre

became citizens of the newly formed states around Hungary. The era was thus defined by the idea of revision: the recuperation of the territorial integrity of historical Hungary and the unification of Hungarians within and outside of Hungary. Home politics

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Myra Marx Ferree, Hanno Balz, John Bendix, Meredith Heiser-Duron, Jeffrey Luppes, Stephen Milder, and Randall Newnham

: From Authoritarianism to Postindustrial Democracy (Boulder, 1991), especially her own Chapter 4 “West German Elites: Cartel of Anxiety, Power Elite, or Responsive Representatives?” 81–104. Dan Bednarz, East German Intellectuals and The Unification of