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Nik Farrell Fox and Bryan Mukandi

reiteration of an insensibility on Fanon’s part towards the significance of the past to the Indigenous peoples of his adopted Algeria, or whether they would absolve Fanon and debate Gordon’s reading. Nevertheless, it is a testament to both Fanon’s brilliance

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Katherine Hennessey and Margaret Litvin

around once more, recent struggles in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen (and their repercussions in Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria) have presented dramatic instances of eloquence, pathos, heroism and carnage. Syria’s civil war

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Eilon Schwartz

created. In his recent book The Paradox of Revolution , Michael Walzer (2015) argues that liberal revolutions of modernity—in Algeria, India, and Israel—aimed to liberate their peoples through a combined liberation from colonial powers and from

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Two Patterns of Modernization

An Analysis of the Ethnic Issue in Israel

Shlomo Fischer

Brunner, Azmi Bishara, Hannan Hever, Shlomit Kna’an, and Amira Perlov for their important comments on earlier versions of the original Hebrew article. NOTES 1 My thanks to Elihu Katz for this formulation. 2 This was true for all Jews of Algeria, a minority

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Jorge Lizarzaburu, Adrian van den Hoven, and Donovan Irven

The Stranger as a reflection of Western imperialist values, notably in the novel’s portrayal of “the Arab,” who remains a nameless character. Then she turns to Kamel Daoud’s The Meursault Investigation , which adopts an Algerian’s point of view on

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Romanticizing Difference

Identities in Transformation after World War I

Nadia Malinovich

Shephard makes a similar point in his analysis of the Algerian war’s effect on French political structures and notions of national identity. See Todd Shephard, The Invention of Decolonization: The Algerian War and the Remaking of France (Ithaca, NY

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Transit Migration in Niger

Stemming the Flows of Migrants, but at What Cost?

Sébastien Moretti

) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) ( République du Niger 2015 ). Prior to that, departures from Agadez to both Libya and Algeria were organized openly and took place regularly, even under official military escort, for example, to

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Beyond the Myth of Lesbian Montmartre

The Case of Chez Palmyre

Leslie Choquette

’s close friend Moïse Zekri, known as Maurice the Algerian. 35 Maurice, born in Algiers in 1879, arrived in Montmartre around the turn of the century as part of a wave of Algerian Jewish immigrants. A prototypical apache , or wise guy, he quickly built up

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Pogo, Pop and Politics

Robert Benayoun on Comics and Roy Lichtenstein

Gavin Parkinson

at one time or another on artistic practice and on many individual artists, as well as on poetry, the novel, psychoanalysis, the occult, communism, the Algerian War and any number of other individuals, practices, genres, events or incidents. Moreover

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Using International Criminal Law to Resist Transitional Justice

Legal Rupture in the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

Mikael Baaz and Mona Lilja

prominent role in the defense of the Algerian Liberation Organization (FLN) during the 1950s and 1960s, 2 and notoriety, due to his defense of the “indefensible,” including Klaus Barbie (the infamous “Butcher of Lyon”), Ilich Ramírez Sánchez (better known