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A Wolf’s Eye View of London

Dracula, Penny Dreadful, and the Logic of Repetition

Dragoş Manea

with the Wind to The Passion of the Christ (Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2007), 23–24.

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Ashley Lebner

side. Much like the early theologians who sought figuras in the Hebrew Bible to “prefigure” Christ, cultural heritage in O Pelourinho was made by refiguring the memory of Afro-Brazilianness for the history and present of the nation. Thus, even as

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Happiness Against All Odds

Incestuous Desires in John Ford's ’Tis Pity She's a Whore

Christoph Ehland

. Derek Roper (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1997). All subsequent references are to this edition. 8 Cf. Gilles D. Monsarrat, ‘The Unity of John Ford: ’Tis Pity She's a Whore and Christ's Bloody Sweat ’, Studies in Philology 77, no. 3

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Automobility and Oil Vulnerability

Unfairness as Critical to Energy Transitions

Ana Horta

Manuel dos Santos . Pordata . 2020 . “ Número de veículos ligeiros de passageiros por mil habitantes .”úmero+de+veículos+ligeiros+de+passageiros+por+mil+habitantes-3078 (accessed 13 March 2020 ). Sanne , Christer

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Shakespeare and War

Honour at the Stake

Patrick Gray

nobleman’s traditional pride in force of arms be reconciled to Christ’s admonition to turn the other cheek? Perhaps not. If a soldier takes no satisfaction, however, from success on the battlefield, how effective, if at all, is he likely to be, if he should

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Daniela R. P. Weiner

religious education. Gaetano Salvemini and George La Piana were also highly critical, writing in 1943 that in primary school history grammar and religion textbooks “portraits of the Duce … rub elbows with the image of Christ. In the minds of the children

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Ayse Serap Avanoglu, Diana Riboli, Juan Javier Rivera Andía, Annalisa Butticci, Iain R. Edgar, Matan Shapiro, Brooke Schedneck, Mark Sedgwick, Suzane de Alencar Vieira, Nell Haynes, Sara Farhan, Fabián Bravo Vega, Marie Meudec, Nuno Domingos, Heidi Härkönen, Sergio González Varela, and Nathanael Homewood

under a replica of Raphael’s Renaissance masterpiece The Transfiguration . Butticci demonstrates that for her African Pentecostal research interlocutors, the transfigured Christ represents an image of humanity after resurrection, which is beyond social

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Victor Jeleniewski Seidler

birth of Christ so that messianic times are somehow behind us, we need to think of new temporalities of justice. We also need to question a future represented through an opposition between law and love and so the superseding of a Jewish particularism by

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Embodied Vibrations

Disastrous Mobilities in Relocation from the Christchurch Earthquakes, Aotearoa New Zealand

Gail Adams-Hutcheson

Cresswell, “Towards a Politics of Mobility,” Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 28, no. 1 (2010): 17–31, here 21–26. 12 GeoffWilson, “Community Resilience, Social Memory and the Post 2010 Christ-church (New Zealand) Earthquakes,” Area 45, no

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Abin Chakraborty

off, and honour their river as their God, Creator, and Saviour; superstition and impiety most abominable in the highest degree of these brutish ethnicks, that are aliens from Christ and the common-wealth of Israel. ( Foster 1921, 269 ) In the process