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Fascism at eye level

The anthropological conundrum

Douglas R. Holmes

assumptions of the European Enlightenment. 8 Specifically, I drew on three key elements of what Isaiah Berlin terms the Counter-Enlightenment (or the European Romantic Tradition) to encompass these sensibilities. Berlin defines these concepts with broad

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Speaking of the Holocaust

From Silence to Knowledge and Back Again

Keith Kahn-Harris

unspeakability . My argument is that, in the post-enlightenment world, genocide and many other acts became impossible to reconcile with the requirements of being rational, decent human beings. 5 That is not because the desire to commit such acts died, but

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On Misfitness

Reflections in and out of Fashion

James D. Faubion

one of which might have no features whatever in common with a given other. (Just for the record, Clifford Geertz had already made a closely analogous argument in his critique of consensus gentium theorists from the Enlightenment forward to the

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The Presence of the Past in the Era of the Nation-State

Nicolas Argenti

, supra-state organizations, practices of terror and of counter-terror, and the abandonment of Enlightenment ideals of human rights and equality, and from below by virulent micro-nationalisms, widespread disenchantment with the unraveling of the

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Siberian Newspapers of the Russian Empire and USSR Periods

Issues of Conservation, Digitization, and Scientific Use

Viacheslav Shevtsov

history, geography, ethnography, economy, education and enlightenment, medicine and social life in Siberia. It was in provincial broadsheets that many unique archive documents and ethnographic descriptions were published. In Siberia privately owned

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“The Changing of the Guards”?

British Prehistoric Collections and Archaeology in the Museums of the Future

Catherine. J. Frieman and Neil Wilkin

-catching things designed to educate, catch the imagination, and inspire visitors to dream of other places and times (cf. Bohman 2000 ; Opper 2003 ). The eighteenth-century museum was the institutional site of the Enlightenment ideals of Britain and Europe

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Boris Maslov

is, in short, hardly surprising. It has not been noted, however, that it was also licensed by the genre of the Pindaric ode, which always favored allegorizing use of concepts. While a trust in concepts characteristic of the Enlightenment is also

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Temperature and Capital

Measuring the Future with Quantified Heat

Scott W. Schwartz

). Quite the opposite, I am suggesting that we very much pursue knowledge for the sake of knowledge, and not for the sake of growing capital. It is important to remember that the Enlightenment was bought ( Poovey 2010 ). Enlightenment knowledge producers

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“We Must Talk about Cologne”

Race, Gender, and Reconfigurations of “Europe”

Beverly Weber

racialized descriptions of Islam have become increasingly part of the everyday speech of the center. The difference to Pegida discourses of “Europe” as regards Islam, however, is the use of the Enlightenment as a touchstone for European identity that is tied

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From Morality to Psychology

Emotion Concepts in Urdu, 1870—1920

Margrit Pernau

journals the Aligarh movement held a near monopoly for a long time. Tah z īb ul A kh lāq was modeled on the British Enlightenment periodicals Tatler and Spectator , and like them aimed at reforming society, improving its moral condition through