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Johannes Görbert, Russ Pottle, Jeff Morrison, Pramod K. Nayar, Dirk Göttsche, Lacy Marschalk, Dorit Müller, Angela Fowler, Rebecca Mills, and Kevin Mitchell Mercer

create an identity for Britain in relation to this imagined Europe. Superimposition, a response to changes in the European political climate due to the French Revolution, is particularly prevalent in Radcliffe’s Gothic novels, as it is “a defensive

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Yvonne Friedman and Shulamit Furstenberg-Levi

-Tedeschi 1904 ). We agree with Thomas Noonan’s insistence not to exclude from the discussion the period of pilgrimage to Jerusalem, which ranges “between the Renaissance and the French Revolution” (2007: 12), 2 as some historians have insisted on doing, based

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The Corpus of London

(Dis)covering the Victorian City

David W. Chapman

( Thornbury 1878 ). Three features of the building are of particular note. The Palace of Westminster, particularly because of its Gothic design, is a tribute to the importance of Britain’s royalty. Following the French Revolution, England had gone through a

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State and Warfare in Mexico

The Case of Ayotzinapa

Alessandro Zagato

recuperation of ideas of ‘state of exception’ ( Agamben 2005 ), their genealogy to be found in the state of siege declared during the French Revolution. A similar line is followed by Achille Mbembe (2003) in his analysis of regimes of coloniality that can

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Félix Germain

life, a doctor. While Houat never became a widely acclaimed author, Cook deemed him important to expound on his political philosophy. Quoting “À La France,” a poem Houat wrote en route to exile, Cook suggested that the ideals of the French Revolution

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Commoning in New York City, Barcelona, and Paris

Notes and observations from the field

Ida Susser

March with much fanfare. Certainly, they saw themselves as building on historical events such as the Paris Commune and the alternative calendar of the French Revolution. Old hierarchies are rejected. Statuses from gender roles to bureaucratic offices are

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Ana Isabel González Manso

. According to Stanley Mellon, during the restoration, French liberals also reinterpreted the past to defend the principles of the French Revolution. 6 In the Spanish case, the liberals’ reluctance to make a drastic break with the past together with the

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Michael Hughes

closing words are even stronger. Prezhov invokes the spectre of the violence of the French Revolution, writing that the Russian people would in time ‘demand an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. The sins of the past will be visited on the guilty with all

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Nicole Hudgins

ruins perhaps began during the French Revolution with the demolition of the Bastille, continuing during the revolutions of 1830, 1848 (when photography began to be available), Baron Haussmann’s demolitions, 12 and of course the Paris Commune. 13 Even

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The Pardoner’s Passing and How It Matters

Gender, Relics and Speech Acts

Alex da Costa

the French Revolution for the whole of Europe, those that do suggest that the women who were punished were those who passed as men and used dildos. ‘Since the definition of sexuality was phallic, criminal lesbian sexuality could only be phallic