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John Gillespie, Kyle Shuttleworth, Nik Farrell Fox, and Mike Neary

translations of these German philosophers is correlated with the use of the work of English translators (following those translators where appropriate), but provides the German terms and explains them. Richmond also takes account of the influence of Corbin

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Leonidas Sotiropoulos and

Lawrence Durrell (the writer, best known for The Alexandria Quartet [1968]), Germany would invade Poland signaling the commencement of the Second World War. By Christmas the US Consulate commanded Miller to return to his home country, and by January 1940

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Whitewashing History

Pinker’s (Mis)Representation of the Enlightenment and Violence

Philip Dwyer

Germany, 1600–1987 (London: Penguin, 1996), 135, 214, 193–196, 225–226; and Mark Hewitson, Absolute War: Violence and Mass Warfare in the German Lands, 1792–1820 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017), 128–131. 16 Matthew White, “‘Rogues of the Meaner

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Sarah Richmond

a Roman senator who disagreed at the time! Still more interestingly, I also learned from this source that Radio Paris, which was a pro-German station in occupied France in the Second World War used ‘England, like Carthage, shall be destroyed!’ as

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Sarah Horton and Adrian van den Hoven

philosophic and revolutionary hope that we are inexorably moving towards.” (365) Mark Orme writes lucidly on “Camus, Justice and the Challenges of History.” Initially he focuses on Camus's writings on Kabyle and then moves on to his Letters to a German

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Sartre, Lacan, and the Ethics of Psychoanalysis

A Defense of Lacanian Responsibility

Blake Scott

period—from the Frankfurt school in Germany to Sartre and his successors in France—one can see how any significant overhaul to Freudian theory, such as Jacques Lacan’s proclaimed “return to Freud,” might also be of concern to contemporary philosophical

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John H. Gillespie, Marcos Norris, and Nik Farrell Fox

has been largely ignored because of the Anglo-American focus on Sartre’s relationship to the German phenomenologists Hegel, Husserl and Heidegger. But, according to Kirkpatrick, Sartre was also influenced by French theological and literary traditions

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Touring the Regions

(Dis) Uniting the Kingdom on Holiday

Hazel Andrews

’s continental European neighbors—most notably the Germans, French, and Spanish. However, it will also become apparent that while at times a sense of shared identity in the form of Britishness has its appeal, and serves a purpose, at other times Britishness is

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Katherine Weikert and Elena Woodacre

Mesley, “Why German Bishops Could Not be Saved: Clerical Masculinities in the Works of Caesarius of Heisterbach” (paper presented at the Gender and Medieval Studies Conference, University of Winchester, January 9–11, 2014). 3 Katherine Weikert, “Closing

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From Act to Fact

The Transformation of Suicide in Western Thought

Daniel Gordon

section of Peuchet into German in 1846 in order, as Kevin Anderson says, “to move German socialists toward a more concrete discussion of economic and social issues.” 62 “The yearly toll of suicides … has to be viewed as the symptom of the fundamental